With the growing popularity of displaying memorabilia, sports shirts, medals and other 3D objects in franes it is important that you know how to achieve a good result.  These articles cover aspects of framing objects rather than pictures.

Handy Hints

Creating A Sink Mount - (members only)

Sink mounts are used to create a space into which objects can sit and artwork on thicker boards can be housed.  Once the "sink" is built, the supporting walls are flush with the surface of the artwork.  You can then make a mount in the usual way before moving on to framing it.

This sheet offers guidance on how to undertake this project, providing useful tips on avoiding some possible problems.

Making A Shadow Mount - (members only)

Shadow mounts are used for two main reasons:
1. aesthetics – the shadow effect can be used to great effect to add depth and interest to a picture;
2. practicality – providing depth behind the glass.  This is  particularly useful where needlecraft has items sewn in to the design (beads etc) or where the choice of sewn threads creates raised effects.

This sheet takes you through the process of creating a shadow mount and helps you to avoid potential hazards along the way.


Project 3: Picture Disc - (members only)

Based on Yvonne Milsome's framed Blondie picture disc and pendant, this project looks at some of the challenges she faced.  Details of products and skills used as well as alternative solutions to some of the challenges this type of piece brings.

Project 5: Star Framing - (members only)

A popular type of project, under the memorabilia heading, is framing of medals.  In this project, as well as guidance about the practical elements of display, there are a couple of ideas to give a bit of a unique style. The end result is an imaginatively displayed (replica) World War II service medal.


3D Framing

Overview of the 3D Framing course

Framing Sports Jerseys

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