Being able to handle and cut glass safely is rewarding, both financially and in terms of your own satisfaction.  The essential skills are surprisingly simple and manageable. Everybody, on all of our courses, cuts glass for their projects: most have never tried it before and most find it the best bit of the session.  Clearly, with glass it is advisable to use a good quality cutter, gloves for handling, to have a stable clean work surface and sensible storage / waste disposal systems.  The sheets below help you to explore these options.

Handy Hints

Cutting Glass: Score & Snap - (members only)

If you are unsure which glass product to use, or uncertain how to cut glass to fit your frames, this sheet will show you how.

Trimming Glass - (members only)

When you cut glass it doesn't always go according to plan.  What happens if the glass is just a bit too big, or the edge doesn't snap cleanly? This sheet explains how to use nipping pliers to sort out the problem.

Glass Products - Right Choices

NEW It's very easy to opt for basic 2mm float glass for your picture frames without questioning what's available and what benefit those options might provide.  This  sheet explains what some of the alternatives are.