Materials Needed

What materials are needed in framing?

Just as with the tools, whilst there are only a few areas to think about, the choice within those categories is vast.  This section helps you to know a little bit more about what to look for.

Choosing The Style & Quantity of Moulding For A Frame

This sheet provides the reasoning behind how to decide on the amount of moulding required to frame a mounted piece of artwork.  It also takes you through some of the considerations that should be made at the planning stage.

Cutting Glass: Score & Snap - (members only)

If you are unsure which glass product to use, or uncertain how to cut glass to fit your frames, this sheet will show you how.

Trimming Glass - (members only)

 When you cut glass it doesn't always go according to plan.  What happens if the glass is just a bit too big, or the edge doesn't snap cleanly? This sheet explains how to use nipping pliers to sort out the problem.

Tapes & Their Uses

We use a variety of tapes in picture framing.  It's not always easy to decide which tape is best for a particular element of framing as you are making a purchase.  This sheet takes you through the stages of framing indicating the "tape options" on the way.