Handy Hints

Components of A Basic Frame

An introduction to the key elements of a frame, information about each aspect and the tools used in association with them.

Planning The Dimensions Of A Mount

This shows you how to decide on the dimensions of the piece of mountboard, from which you could go on to cut a simple mount.

Choosing The Style & Quantity of Moulding For A Frame

This sheet provides the reasoning behind how to decide on the amount of moulding required to frame a mounted piece of artwork.  It also takes you through some of the considerations that should be made at the planning stage.

Planning & Creating A Foam Core Panel For Attaching Fabric Based Artwork - (members only)

This project forms the foundation stage for creating a support system for several methods of attaching fabric based work for framing. 

Hardware For Hanging Frames

This is an information sheet featuring some of the hardware used in framing. It specifically focuses on items used to hold artwork in frames, when ordinary tab systems may not offer a solution. It also shows and describes a wide product range used when hanging artwork.

Glass Products - Right Choices

NEW It's very easy to opt for basic 2mm float glass for your picture frames without questioning what's available and what benefit those options might provide.  This  sheet explains what some of the alternatives are.