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The Art of Hanging ArtStas Hanging System

STAS picture hanging systems have proven time and again over recent years to be the most innovative manufacturer of quality high-grade hanging systems.

In this area of the DIYframing site, you will find the STAS solutions for safe, flexible and elegant picture hanging. It’s for that reason that STAS supplies the most prestigious museums, art galleries, universities, the public sector, and the health sector all around the world.

At DIYframing we can see a huge potential for you, whether re-decorating a room, creating your own  "home studio" or creating a special look for a new business.  The range we have selected provides great,  tailor-made hanging solutions. So explore, with us, the art of hanging art!


Minirail (25 kg/m¹)

 View MinirailMinirail Diagram

NEW The thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world: an elegant white, metal rail that simply attaches to the wall.  At only 16 mm wide, it  blends in perfectly with your room's interior.  As with all STAS systems, the minirail is very easy to use: fitting by means of the specially developed STAS minirail clipscrews. See video


Cliprail (20 kg/m¹)

Link to Cliprail videoCliprail Diagram

A basic hanging system that works! This thin-walled system has proven it’s value in countless spaces. Easy to install everywhere. See video


Cliprail Max (25 kg/m¹)

Cliprail max video linkCliprail Max DiagramThis system fits your needs and fits your ceiling. The rail comes with an extra flange which enables it to jointlessly fit your ceiling. Developed and introduced by STAS in 1998. A hanging system for the perfectionist.  See Video


Cliprail Multirail 12 Volt (45 kg/m¹)

STAS Multirail & LightingCliprail Multirail DiagramThis revolutionary hanging and lighting system is specially designed by STAS to enable flexible lighting of your pictures with a subtle and elegant effect.  STAS has combined two factors: the hanging and lighting of pictures. Drilling of holes is kept to a minimum, giving flexible hanging and flexible lighting. A better ambience day or night and your pictures look better.  The lights are adjustable in height and are available in two lengths: 50 cm and 70 cm. The exclusive light bulbs (20 Watt) have a beam filter which diffuses the light on to your pictures and the surrounding wall. The supplied transformer has an electric plug and can be assembled via a click system in five seconds. See Video


U-Rail (20 kg/ m¹)

STAS U-Rail DiagramPlay video of STAS U-RailThe U-rail is designed to turn your wood bordered ceiling into a hanging system in the blink of an eye. The rail can simply be mounted on to the wood  with a few screws and is almost invisible.  The U-rail is also highly suitable for hanging white boards, advertising boards or maps. An ideal solution for a business environment. See Video


Set-Up Rail (15 kg/ m¹)

STAS Set-Up Rail diagramSTAS Set-Up RailSometimes you don’t want to hang your pictures but just put them down on a rail. STAS developed the Set-up rail to enable you to do this in a stylish and easy way.


Paper Rail

STAS Paper Rail DiagramPlay video of STAS Paper RailPapers, drawings, memos and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. The range of applications is endless, where people use paper, the Paper-rail can be used. In offices, working environments, in the catering business or at home. See Video


Plaster-rail (20 kg/ m¹)

Plaster rail systemPlaster rail diagramA system designed to be used in the construction of new walls. Almost invisible but very effective, this subtle rail can be completely incorporated in a plastered wall. Ideal for new buildings. See Video

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For more guidance about the range of STAS components and how to install a system, please view our Handy Hints information sheets.

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NEW: Also view the latest guidance from STAS in their PDF booklet: STAS multirail accessories

STAS Handy Hints Sheets

STAS Specials

STAS Special Design

STAS stabalisation setAs well as the range of specific rail systems,  STAS also produce special products to help with a variety of other display products.  Have a look a the specials used to cater for posters, hanging whiteboards and other panels.  These give you the chance to use the same flexible hanging and lighting system you already have in place.