Handy Hints

Equipment Needed

What tools are required to make a frame?  
You only need very few tools to get started, but what you purchase is very important. Here is a list of tools that will help you get started at what ever level you wish to begin.

Best Joiners & Underpinners

Although we do have some simple joining tools for working with light-weight mouldings for small frames, the tools featured below offer a range taking you from simple beginnings to professional kit.  Do remember that for very best mitre joins, you first need to have made accurate, clean mitre cuts first.  

Cutting Mitre Joints Using A NOBEX Mitre Saw: Part 1

This is the first of two sheets showing you how to plan, mark up and cut the mitres in moulding using a saw.  This part deals with making a mitre cut (right hand side) on each of the four pieces of moulding.

Cutting Mitre Joints Using A NOBEX Mitre Saw: Part 2

This is the second of two sheets showing you how to make mitre cuts using a saw.  This part deals with the meaurement, marking up and cutting the "return" (second) mitre cut for each section of moulding.  Particular attention is given to making sure the moulding is correctly positioned in the mitre saw block and how to use the meauring system.

Using A Mitre Trimmer to Create Perfect Joints

Using a mitre trimmer along with your mitre saw enables you to create a perfect mitre: as good as the finish from a professional framer's guillotine.  This sheet should be used with the two sheets about cutting mitres with a mitre saw.

Using A Logan Studio Joiner To Create A Frame

This sheet shows you how to use a joiner to clamp and join the 4 cut sections of moulding to form a complete frame.

Cutting Mitre Joints Using A LOGAN Mitre Saw

The Logan Saw has been designed specifically with picture framing in mind.  This takes you through the process of cutting mitres in moulding, ready for joining.  Because of this saw's well designed clamps and measure system, it really becomes a simple task.