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Everything For A New Buiness

Is next year the one where you make the break? There has been a massive interest in the whole concept of turning framing into a business enterprise over the last few years. Some people want it as an additional source of income, some use framing to support the marketability of another product: for example framing memorabilia or their own artwork. And others have homed in on bespoke framing to provide the central feature of a small business and completely re-invent their lifestyle.

There is never one complete toolkit that will cover every framing project you will be asked to take on. However, at DIYframing we have always prided ourselves in being able to offer a range of kits, each one providing you with everything you need to take on your first projects. These kits have taken account of the amount of orders / projects you are likely to bring in, the budget you have available, the workspace you will be using and your own skill levels. All kits have been brought together using the products most suited to those factors outlined and are heavily discounted. Another, very important factor is that they have been put together based on the experience and knowledge of people who, themselves, started doing their own framing from kitchen tables and garden sheds ... and have survived to tell the tale!

So, now that people are looking to expand their framing empires and / or start by developing framing as a major part of their income, it is important to devise a similar approach when looking at the first of our "professional" kits. We had already made a start by trying to establish the three major elements of the kit that every professional framer needs: mountcutter, underpinner and moulding chopper. This was difficult at first because finding suppliers of well priced, good quality tools who were also reliable with deliveries etc made the search take a little longer than anticipated. That is now sorted and, again, we have chosen tools which can be accommodated in a relatively small workshop space and are all manually operated. The next stage was to turn this basic "threesome" into a complete workshop kit: once delivered you can start working.

The result is the new Series 100 Pro-Workshop. Main tools are:

  • Charnwood Chopper ( & spare chopper blades)
  • Alpha Underpinner
  • Logan 655 framers edge
  • Charnwood tab gun
  • Toyo glass cutter
  • Logan 40" Adapta Rule

... and in addition to the tools are:

  • 1 box 10mm v nails
  • 500 d-rings
  • 500 screws
  • 500m cord
  • 5 sheets styrene (plastic glass)
  • 5 sheets mdf
  • 5 sheets (56 cm (22") x 81.5 cm (32" )) mountboard
  • £30 worth of moulding
  • full sets of moulding and mount samples
  • PVA glue
  • 100 bumper pads

 Normal retail price of separate items would be £2720.59. As a kit, the price has been discounted at £ 2500.00

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Open Day and Christmas Bazaar

.... or should that read bizarre? 

This is the second of our Open Days this year.
Date:  Saturday 16th December
Venue: DIY Framing HQ, Woodlands Farm Beaconsfield
Times: 10.00 am - 3.30 pm

In a last minute fit of "Christmas Spirit", Duncan McDonald invites you to join us for mince pies and mulled wine at the "hub" of his framing world.  As well as festive refreshments there will be several opportunities to fill your stockings with Christmas gifts. 

A "star" attraction will be a mini - workshop / demonstration of how to make your Christmas framing really come alive by creating unique paint and colour effects on bare wood moulding.  You will be given ideas of what moulding styles best suit different types of finish and how to prepare mouldings for the various media to be used.  You will be shown some of the wide range of paints, stains and finishing products available and how to use them in various combinations to create stunning and unique looks.  The first 8 - 10 people will be able to grab seats at the front, and even try some effects for themselves.   
There will be two sessions during the day:
Session 1:  10.30 am - 11.30 am
Session 2:  1.30 pm - 2.30 pm. 

Plenty of time will be set aside after each demonstration for people to ask questions and have a closer look at the materials being used.

Other attractions include:

  • 10% off many of our catalogue prices;
  • special prices on 2nd hand and ex demo tools and equipment
  • bargains galore - including moulding packs and special offer mount boards.


Santa’s little helpers will also be on hand to

  • demonstrate the full range of tools and equipment (including the new Charnwood moulding guillotine)
  • help to solve those "framing" little problems
  • advise on how to undertake a whole range of framing projects.

So, if you are stuck for a different style of present or ideas for how to make that unique, personalised gift, don’t miss the DIYframing Christmas Bazaar.


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Christmas Countdown

It's time to sort out Christmas gifts.  Not always the easiest of things but this time you could "make it personal". How about a little project for Christmas? First you really need to get organised and there's just enough time. Here are a few pointers to help you on your way to making a special Christmas gift. 

Twelve Days before Christmas  

A bit like an advent calendar, click on key words to find what extra information is to be found.
12 Choose or create some artwork to frame - perhaps that pastel sketch you bought on holiday in the sun or a latest school photo.
11 Try something different with the mount.  Have a go at a shadow mount or deep bevel. Check out our handy hints on mount cutting.  And don't forget we have 73 colours of mountboard available, including gold, silver Forest Green, and Cherry... very seasonal
10 Organise the specialist materials: foam core board, foam core cutter and decorative mount tapes
 9 choose and order your moulding.  Before deciding remember how to calculate what you need. (Another Handy Hint sheet).
 8 Check out our range of mouldings and see what's on special offer.  There may be something a little out of the ordinary there.
 7 Now it's time to cut your mount.  This could be the right time to look at our full range of cutters and clever add-ons such as the v-groover.  Could be a perfect gift.
 6 On to cutting the mitres.  You may have a good saw, but what about the mitre trimmer?  It's perfect for putting the perfect finish to jour cuts.  Gold frames will have perfect joins.
 5 Clamp and join the mouldings.  This could be just the right time to treat yourself to a gift that makes life less fraught for you.  Find out about our full range of joining systems.
 4 Add a glitz and shine to bare wood moulding so that your gift has a seasonal / personal touch.  There is a whole range of finishes and effects we can help you with.  If you want the whole sack full, have a look at the two frame-finishes kits. There is also the chance to see these products demonstrated at our Open Day in Beaconsfield (16th December).   
 3 Putting the whole thing together calls for a lot of those little, often forgotten extras: D-rings, tapes, bradawls, glass cleaner etc - not to mention the perfect stocking filler - a tab gun.
 2 it's a wrap!  A bit of shiny paper, bows and tinsel.  But don't forget, before all of that, to protect the frame with corner protectors and a whiz around with handywrap.

 1 And now just settle back in front of the fire with a well-deserved glass of your favourite tipple and consider how simple it has all been.  In fact why not think about our gift vouchers and then skip straight from day twelve to where you are now. 

Enjoy your Christmas and don't burn the sprouts!!

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Frame Finishes Courses ... Great Success

If you really want to make a statement with your framing or offer your customers a truly bespoke service, one skill that will set you apart is the ability to create your own frame finishes.  With a little imagination you will soon build a repertoire of distinctive styles, adding value to the work you do as well as creating a unique look.

Our new course, Adding Decorative Effects To Frames helps you with the general principles of this way of working.  We take you through how different wood varieties and moulding styles promote different types of finish.  We also look at a range of colouring and finishing products available and how they can be used in combination with stunning results.

The first two sessions ran in October: 1 in Beaconsfield and the 2nd in Manchester.  Each one was a great success.  Students completed a set of 6 sample moulding chevrons before planning and adding effects to a pre-built frame.  The final framed pieces were remarkable, ranging from very subtle wood tones using a range of stains and waxes, to really dynamic combinations of colour stains over-laid with gilt creams. 

The students had varying previous levels of expertise in framing: some had come directly from our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration courses (just 3 weeks earlier). Others had completed a full business development week.  There was a similar variety in the media people wanted to frame.  One artist was looking to create frames which used a complimentary colour palette to her acrylic paintings.  Another student was looking to provide his photography with a surround, which offered a little more "depth" than some pre-finished black mouldings.  One needle worker was looking to develop a "trade-mark" style of framing for her tapestries and embroidery.

Judging by the feedback, one thing they all had in common was the inspiration to try out a whole new range of ideas.

Our next Decorative Effects course will be in the early part of January: dates to be confirmed.


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New Special Kits

Paint Effects & Frame Finishes Kits:
We have put together 2 kits to help you track down the many media and materials available to you.  We have purposely chosen products which are not always readily available at local shops and left out some things that you will either already have or can easily  locate. (Click titles for more detail & prices)

Kit 1 - Frame Finishes Starter Kit
CONTENTS: 2 x palette wood dyes; 1 x neutral wax; 1 x bronze brush; 1 x liming wax; 1 pack 0000 grade steel wool; 1 x pack of 10 disposable gloves; 2 x gilt creams

Kit 2 - Frame Finishes All Essentials Kit
CONTENTS: 4 x palette wood dyes; 1 x neutral wax; 1 x bronze brush; 1 x liming wax; 1 x black patinating wax; 1 x gilt varnish; 1 x Fontenay Base;  1 pack 0000 grade steel wool; 1 x pack of 10 disposable gloves; 4 x gilt creams; 1 x short bristle brush; 4 x Liberon wood colour stains.

Mount Cutting & Decoration Kit
A mount cutting system is not included in the kit, as individuals will want to choose a particular level of cutting package.  However the kit has been developed to cater for those completing the Mount Cutting & Decoration course and includes all of the specialist materials and tools used on the day.

CONTENTS:  burnishing bone; flat steel rule; foam board cutter; 2 x sheets 5 mm Foam Core board; corner gauge; board knife; Mount Decoration Video; 1 reel 25mm masking tape; 1 reel 12mm conservation ATG (double sided tape); 1 reel mount decoration tape (choice of colour); 10 sheets of white core mount board (choice of colour)  

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Special Training Days With SWPP

As already featured in both news articles and newsletters, DIYframing will be attending the SWPP Convention in the Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith, London.  For full details of what we will be doing there scroll down to the article about the SWPPP CONVENTION and you can read the full news article.

In addition to what is happening in London DIYframing is running a series of courses for photographers, who want to add framing to their skills base.


Thursday 11th January 2007  Framing Photography

  • learn to frame like a professional. Intensive day of how to make a quality picture frame.
  • insider tips of how professional framers make huge profits.
  • try out the tools to discover which is best for you

Friday 12th January 2007 Mount cutting and Photo presentation:

  • Learn  mount cutting and decoration techniques that will ensure quality presentation for any photography. 
  • Packaging and presentation techniques that will get more sales
  • Try the range of mount cutters in stock to find the best for you

Monday15th & Tuesday 16th January 2007 Framing Photography and Canvas stretching (2 Days).

In two days learn:

  • to frame and stretch canvases like a professional.
  • simple mount cutting techniques that will make photographic work stand out.
  • new ways to present your photography and increase profits.
  • how to stretch canvas prints easily. Hands-on workshop.


The Framing Photography and Mount cutting and Photo Presentation courses cost £110 + vat for each day. All the frames and mounts that are made on the day can be kept.  Each student will have the use of their own set of tools provided.

The Framing Photography and Canvas Stretching course is 2 Days and costs £255+vat.  Students keep all frames and mounts that are made and have their own set of tools allocated for the day.

On each day refreshments (Teas and coffees) and a light lunch is provided

All the courses are at our Beaconsfield Headquarters just 23 Miles from Hammersmith, local hotels are available from approx £50 bed/breakfast per night, there is a mainline station that is 35 minutes to London Marylebone.

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Competition Winner

Congratulations to our lucky, prize winner from the recent Open Days competition.  Yvonne Milsom's name was on the winning card: the prize a Logan 301 mount cutter,  kindly
donated by Logan Graphic Products Inc.

Here we see Yvonne receiving her prize from Duncan McDonald, CEO of DIYframing.

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Stitch & Creative Arts Show

This show covers all aspects of quality stitchcraft including cross stitch, sewing, card making, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, quilting, scrapbooking, ribboncraft, papercraft, stamping, beading, painting, dressmaking, tapestry, decoupage, crochet and many more popular stitch and creative crafts.  (We've probably left something out!)

Dates: Thursday 26th - Sunday 28th January 2007
Venue: G-Mex Centre, Manchester 
Opening times:  Fri   9.30am - 5pm, Sat  9.30am - 5pm, Sun 9.30am - 5pm
Tickets: Adults  £7.00 On the door (£5.00 Advance ticket)    
Concession* £6.00 On the door  (£4.00 Advance ticket)
Travel link:

As with all the shows we attend, there will be special offers, only available at our stand, which will save you pounds if you are about to buy new kit or upgrade current tools.

This year we will also be running two complete workshops at the exhibition venue (at our usual rates):

Friday 26th January 2007 (Basics of Framing

Saturday 27th January 2007 (Mount Cutting & Decoration). 
To book a place follow the link: COURSES and book on from the vents list.

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New Kid On The Block

We are pleased to let you know that there has been a new appointment to the Beaconsfield team, Tim Rees, who will be working on sales and dispatches (and probably everything else before long - just don't tell him that!). 

Tim's appointment was one of those lucky breaks for both parties.  The story starts some time ago ....  Tim is a woodcarver, creating free-form bowls, wooden spoons and so forth.  This led him into having a go (technical framers' term) at making his own frames and using pyrography to etch designs into his work.  Like most of us, he thought that there is probably a better way to create frames than sawing, hammering and battering the daylights out of innocent bits of pine.  Having had a go at an (inferior) bit of training, he found somebody who was selling off a complete range of framing tools.  Unfortunately, this didn't work out, so one lunch-hour he abandoned his post as school caretaker, sped up the motorway to DIYframing.  When he arrived in the doorway of a conservation framing training session,  Richard went into his best teaching mode giving out even more "useful" information than usual, being convinced that the Fine Arts Trade Guild had sent a scout to see how we do things.  After the slight misunderstanding a sale was sented, so Duncan launched into a fine sales pitch taking Tim to see his pride and joy in the Warehouse (not Alex): the new trade counter.  A chance inquiry from Tim about whether there were any job opportunities now the sales area was expanding and 10 days later he was parking "police officer" for the Open Days.

Tim is now setting up his own framing workshop to start a small business, framing from home ... if the new job gives him any time to do so.

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Mighty Mouse of the Mount Cutters

We have just started stocking a brand new addition to the Logan Simplex Family: the baby of the family in every sense of the word. At first glance the Simplex 700 might look like the starting level of mount cutting systems.  In fact it has been designed to a much more demanding brief: top quality, professional cutting standards but for those only working with pieces in the small to medium format range.  Therefore it has all of the top professional, quality features of the Logan Simplex Systems, but it has been packaged into this sturdy and durable format.  With a baseboard just 300mm (12") wide x 584 mm ( 23") long, it doesn’t require much space: it is perfect for small studios.  The system includes a parallel mount guide for setting border widths up to 125 mm, a 90-degree  squaring bar, one production stop, straight cutting head, and bevel cutting head. The package also Includes creative mount cutting instructions and five extra blades. The Bevel Cutting head has: a "start" and "stop" indicator; a high performance pivot-and-pull blade action; adjustable blade depth; an anti crawl button preventing the cutter from sliding as you engage the blade; and a blade slot to prevent the blade from flexing away from the line of the cut.  Because it is modelled on the Simplex system, it also means that it can be used with the same type of professional accessories, such as v-groove cutters, in the same way as its bigger relations, the Simplex 750 & 760 Plus.

This really will appeal to photographers and artists working on medium format images.  Tempted?  Check it out in the "STORE" on our website.  We hope it will make an appearnce at the next set of exhibitions.



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Burnishing Bone

From one extreme of the equipment world to the other.  No self respecting framer should be without his/her burnishing bone as it sorts out one of the most annoying problems in mount cutting. It is ideal for settling down material along the bevel cut and, in particular, in the corner of the window, if the action of cutting has slightly raised the surface of the material.  And, because it is made from natural bone it avoids creating a sheen on the board. 

Better than using the back of a nail and it saves needing an emergency manicure afterwards - or so Alex says!


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Information & Support

We are keen to maintain the flow of titles to our self help "Handy Hints Pages".  The next three articles help you to do the bit that we usually consider to be the heart of the framing process. That is to say:

  • planning and cutting the mitres to produce four sections of moulding;
  • using a mitre trimmer to finish the mitres;
  • using a joiner to complete the whole frame. 

To access these new pages, go to the TRAINING ZONE by clicking on the blue tag on the left towards the top of the home page.  Select ARTICLES from the 3 sub-headings.  On the introductory page of the articles section, scroll down to find: Handy Hints Sheets (BASICS). 

These 3 downloads are free to all, so there should be no problems with printing your own sheets.

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Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts Show

Visit the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts Show and find inspiration and fresh ideas from hundreds of new and established crafts and watch the experts in action! Enjoy a variety of talks, 'Quick & Easy' mini workshops, demonstrations and an abundance of supplies for all your creative pastimes. Be sure to pick up tricks of the trade from the professional demonstrators and Guild representatives all eager to share their knowledge with you!  Find the latest kits, tools and equipment for artist materials, needlecraft supplies, stencilling, stamping, scrapbooking and glass painting - with thousands of other products on offer crafters will find exactly what they need.

DIYframing shows you how to make the most of your craft by helping you to take your favourite pieces of work and turn them into genuine works of art. The DIY Framing stand will provide a one stop shop for all your framing needs.  We will have many items you can purchase to take away on the day, but you will also be able to order everything from our catalogue for earliest, home delivery.  There will be a staff on our stand to demonstrate a full range of mount cutting and framing tools.  You will have a chance to try out equipment for yourselves and discuss best solution buys for your specific needs, with an expert from the company.

Running at the same time as the shows will be a Photography Framing  Course.  This will follow the same programme as the two full training days.  This means that you could learn all about how to frame and then visit the show at the weekend to see the whole range of equipment and materials on offer.

As with all the shows we attend, there will be special offers, only available at our stand, which will save you pounds if you are about to buy new kit or upgrade current tools. We always love to see DIY Framers in the flesh.  If you visit the stand you will be entered into a draw to win a free day's training at a venue of your choice – worth £99.00 + vat

In addition, we can take you through all sorts of training packages that we run around the country.  Whenever and wherever we have set up a course,  the response has been exceptional.   We will also be delighted to discuss special arrangements for groups or clubs wanting training purely for them.

Dates: Thursday 27th October - Sunday 29th October
Times: Daily 9.30 am - 5.30 pm (except Sunday 9.30 am - 5.00 pm)
Venue: SECC, Glasgow (for details of how to get there:

TICKETS: By logging on to you will be able to buy tickets online. (Information reproduced from the ICF website). 

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Courses & Training Dates

These days have been a great success and are now unning both as specialist weekends as well as now being offered over two days, mid-week (in response to numerous requests).  For full details of what the course contains, use this link to open an article about framing photography: Photography Framing Specials

The next set of photograhy courses start at the end of the summer, but they may well be filled quickly so book early.

  • Wednesdayday 27th September: Basics of Framing / Thursday 28th September: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Beaconsfield
  • Saturday 31st September & Sunday 1st October - Nottingham
  • Wednesday 25th October & Thursday 26th October-Glasgow
  • Saturday 4th November & Sunday 5th November - Cheltenham
  • Saturday 2nd December & Sunday 3rd December -Nuneaton 


At the same time as the sessions geared more towards photography, we still have a whole series of basics courses operating.   

  • Saturday 7th October: Basics of Framing / Sunday 8th October: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Beaconsfield
  • Saturday 7th October: Basics of Framing / Sunday 8th October: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Manchester
  • Wednesday 18th October: Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames - Beaconsfield
  • Thursday 19th October: Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames - Manchester
  • Monday 30th October: Basics of Framing / Tuesday 31st October: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Saturday 4th November: Basics of Framing / Sunday 5th November: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Beaconsfield
  • Saturday 18th November: Basics of Framing / Sunday 19th November: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Beaconsfield
  • Saturday 9th December: Basics of Framing / Sunday 10th December: Mount Cutting & Decoration - Beaconsfield

Hopefully there will be a date, venue and focus to suit everyone, but don' t forget, places are filled quickly.

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Open Days Are Hot!

Picture the scene - blinding sunlight, a marquee, red kites wheeling and gliding in the summer sky and the gentle sound of friendly chat.  Yes, the DIYframing open days in August were a great sucess.  Each of the 4 seminars was packed out and many of you have now gone away with a real urge to start framing in new ways and, in many cases, to start earning money from something that you really enjoy doing. 

It also gave us the chance to highlight some of the support and advice on offer from DIYframing that is not always so easily available through other sites:

  • access to advice from professional framers
  • information about tools, equipment and materials
  • downloadable guidance from our handy hints sheets
  • a library of newsletters and articles featuring a whole range of framing issues
  • opportunities to follow a carefully thought through programme of training.

Many thanks to all of you who helped make this such a successful couple of days and there is no doubt that this will be a feature of our annual diary.  The big question is, can we book the same weather in advance?

If you missed the seminars, or they were too far away to attend, keep an eye open for the exhibitions and trade shows, where we often feature seminars and workshops.   The next major one will be:

Hobbycrafts at the NEC, Birmingham, Thursday November 9th - Sunday 12th 2006 

Here we will be running the seminar:
ADDING THE WOW FACTOR TO YOUR FRAMING: Framing can either perform a basic "packaging" function or it can make a statement.  At its best, top quality framing will add an extra dimension to the artwork it is showing.  In this session we illustrate some of the easy principles that will take your work to a new level.  If you want something to be noticed then hear what we have to say so that you turn out "framing with knobs on!"

In addition we will be running a series of workshops looking at styles of mount cutting and joining moulding to complete a frame.  For a complete programme and details, watch the news pages of this site.

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A New Adventure

This is a new "adventure" for us and one which we hope you will enjoy.  On Friday 4th August 2006 and Saturday 5th August 2006, we will be holding open days at "Headquarters" (Woodlands Studio, Beaconsfield). Opening times are: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

It will be the first chance for customers to see and use our direct sales shop. Has it changed since we started here last year? (picture left)  Come along and see for yourself.   We have just taken the wraps off of our new sales centre which has been created at the front of the warhouse.  This means that, in future, you will be able to visit the site and make direct purchases or place orders face to face.   Just for the two open days most of our current stock will have a 10% discount.  In addition there will be a whole range of clearence items at almost give-away prices.   Some mouldings will be sold for as little as 50 pence per metre!

As well as sales in the shop, there will be:

  • a separate area for bargain sales
  • a demonstration and problem solving area (next to the shop)
  • a seminar and display area (main training room)
  • refreshments throughout the day (proceeds to a local charity)

During the two days, the usual suspects will be on hand to help you try out new equipment, help you to pick up bargains and offer you all sorts of advice (... but just be wary of what you ask for!).  Here is a more more detailed list of what will be happenning.

FRAMING SEMINARS- (FREE but must be booked in advance)
FRIDAY 4th August

  •  Preparing Needlecraft For Framing:  11.00 am - 12.00 pm
    If you are disappointed with how your work has been framed in the past or if you are confused by how frame needlework well, this short seminar will put you right.  We look at 3 simple techniques for attaching work into a system that then become a simple framing projects.  The best bit is that all attachments are reversible and will not damage the work.  They even offer solutions as to how you can simply stretch work to bring it back into its intended shape.
  • 10 Simple steps to make BIG profits from framing at home: 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
    Following a simple "case study" approach, we look at how you can turn a hobby into something that pays for itself.  We look at basic requirements for space, equipment and materials; where to look for business; where your expenses are (therefore how much to charge); basic organisational tools

SATURDAY 5th August

  • Producing the WOW factor:   11.00 am - 12.00 pm
    Framing can either perform a basic "packaging" function or it can make a statement.  At its best, top quality framing will add an extra dimension to the artwork it is showing.  In this session we illustrate some of the easy principles that will take your work to a new level.  If you want something to be noticed then hear what we have to say so that you turn out "framing with knobs on"!
  • Planning the perfect workspace:  1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
    No matter how big or small the space you have available to work in, there are some important considerations to be made when designing a work area.  How easy is it to take materials from delivery to storage? What is the largest picture you can frame? How do you store moulding?  Using two working examples to illustrate how you can organise the least promising looking areas, we will aim to provide solutions to some problems and help you to think a way through others.

Each session will last about 45 minutes with some time for Q&A built in (or at the end).

The best news of all is that these sessions are free; however you will have to register an interest and book a seat in advance, as there is every possibility that we will quickly run out of space.

Training Information / Display
You can also visit the Training Room where there is a display about each of our training days, the types of activity used in training and some examples of the results.  The training programme is outlined in our Course Booklets, available to all visitors.  A member of the training team will be on hand to offer more detailed information on request.

In one of the new areas of the warehouse, next to the sales counter, we will have a full range of framing equipment on show.  This is something that we are rarely able to do, even at the largest exhibitions that we attend, so it is an opportunity not to be missed.  It will mean that you have a chance to see any piece of our DIY framing equipment in use.  If you have encountered any difficulties with an aspect of framing or simply need some ideas to slve a problem on a particular project, then this is the area to visit.   In some instances you will have a chance to try things for yourself.We will have a member of the team there throughout the two days to help you with just those sort of issues. 

We are also hopeful that we will have guests from two of our major suppliers (Arqadia mouldings and Brittannia mountboards) to give you up to the minute advice and news on their current product range.

Finally, we also want to help you get the best from your tools (now, now no sly sniggering!).  We would be the first to admit that the instruction manuals are often highly informative.  However,  it is only when you start to use equipment on a regular basis and find cunning ways to work with them that, not only do the results improve, but you also extend the range of what something can actually do.  We would love to hear your handy hints for specific tools and equipment and will share those at the Open Days along with our own little gems. Any ideas, please contact Judy using email marking the subject : Problem Solving.

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Large Size Mountboard

If you have ever been frustrated when the framing project you are planning takes the mount size beyond the board size usually available, you will often  do either of two things: a) give up or b) modify border widths etc.    However, you no longer need to hit that wall quite so soon.  We can now supply sheets of mountboard double the size you are used to 112cm (44") x 81.5cm (32") at £6.00 per sheet (inc vat).  Even better, we can supply them in the full range of white core boards and with similar discounts for 10 sheet orders single or mixed colours: £50.00 (inc vat).

Also available are large sheets of MDF backing board 122cm x 91.5 cm: 5 sheets for £24.00 (inc vat). 

So now you can be ready to hit the big time.  The last remaining piece of the supply jigsaw is to offer pack quantities of individual mouldings.  This facility is very close to being finally finalised using Arqadia mouldings: we hope to report on that within the next month.

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Early Warning: Artists & Illustrtors Show 2006

The next exhibition we will be visiting is the Artists' & Illustrators' show:

"... an unmissable event for anyone interested in art or illustration. It is Europe's largest practical art show, bringing together more than 150 art material manufacturers, and more than 16,000 artists and illustrators of all abilities under one roof. This is your chance to meet other artists, buy art materials at competitive prices, get expert advice from top artists and art product manufacturers, and try out the latest art materials. Come along and be inspired!" ... from BDC website

DATES:  Thursday, 20th July - Sunday 23rd July

VENUE: The Design Centre, Islington

We will be there showing an extensive range of resources, equipment and materials including some product launches and unique special offers.  Our team of advisors will be on hand to give you practical advice and demonstrate mount cutting and framing equipment.  One visit to our stand and you could find everything you need to produce top quality framing for your artwork, in the style that you choose.

In addition, there will be a full programme of workshops and seminars run by DIYframing in one of the balcony seminar / training areas.  Early booking is essential as these sessions filled very quickly last year.  Details follow:

Each day will start with either of the folowing two seminars. Each one lasts 1hr to 1.5hrs allowing for Q&A time.
Seminar 1 (20th & 22nd July): Develop Framing as a Source of Income
If you are thinking about framing your own artwork, why not earn some money at the same time?  This session leads you through the process of how to get started with framing from home, the tools to use and what needs to be in place ready for your first “Bespoke Framing” project.

Seminar 2 (21st & 23rd July): Framing With Distinction
Looking at how framing is an essential element in creating unique pieces of artwork for display and exhibition.  By giving careful consideration to colour palette, mount styles and moulding finishes, you can produce framing of exceptional quality.

During the rest of the time we will be running a series of 5 workshops.  Each lasts apprximately 1hr and can accommodate 10 students:

  • How to Create a Simple Hinge Mount System  A practical session where you will learn how to cut the sort of simple mount used in most framing projects.  This is then taken slightly further to create a method of attaching your artwork into the mount package, whilst, at the same time protecting and supporting it.
  • Making a Double Mount  Making a double mount is a fundamental decorative mount technique.  In this session, you will learn a cunning method for creating double mounts, where the two aperture edges always run parallel.  In addition we look at the different types of tapes used in mounting artwork, considering conservation qualities and what is best to use in specific projects.
  • Learning To Make Decorative Mounts
    In this workshop you will find out what other styles of mount can be cut simply by careful marking up and following a specific cutting plan.  You will actually make two mounts: one with “offset” corners; the second with angled corners.  There will also be a demonstration of freehand cutting and how to use a circle / oval cutter.
  • Creating Decorative Mounts With Deep Bevels  A very distinctive style of picture mount is where the bevels are 5mm deep, drawing the eye into the image itself.  These are created in this workshop by using foam core board with a taped, decorative edge.  Each person taking part will create their own mounted photograph to take away.
  • Using Joining Tools to Create a Frame  This session tackles the very heart of frame making by showing you how to join your cut lengths of moulding to form a frame.  Not only will participants complete a frame from pre-cut lengths, you will also see how to put the mount and backboard into the frame and (time permitting) have a chance to tie in hanging cord ready for display.


Full details will be published nearer to the event, in the meantime we have set out below basic information and links to relevant organisations.

Opening Times: 10am - 6pm daily except Sunday 10am - 3.30pm
Ticket Prices: advance standard ticket: £7.00 on door: £9.00
advance Concessions: £5.50 on door: £8.00
advance Subscribers: £5.50 on door: £8.00
Manga convention ticket: £10 in advance, £12 on the door 

Business Design Centre:
Artists & Illustrators Magazine:


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Series 100 Professional Workshop Kit

Although a new professional workshop kit has been promoted at recent trade shows and exhibitions, we have now decided to make the SERIES 100 Professional Workshop Kit available as the top flight framing kit, via the website.  It features three top quality framing tools that can take you from simply making a steady "side-income" from framing through to setting up in business as a framing gallery /  workshop.

The kit comprises:
Hansen 8000 series Maxi Chopper: this is a top professional, long lasting, safe machine for cutting frames and mouldings in all kinds of wood and most kinds of plastic. With the highest quality of knives made in the Hansen factory, the Hansen mitre machine makes a perfect, accurate cut, smooth and without chipping the frame. The Hansen is equipped with double springs for safety reasons, each fitted with bearings for long life. The machine is footoperated, so you do not need compressed air or electricity. The bonus is that you end up with a better working environment: no dust and no noise

Alpha 1/M Super Underpinner: This machine is quickly adjustable for different widths and heights of mouldings. The top pressure pad is L-shaped steel with a hard felt pad, held in place magnetically to allow you to adjust it to the ideal position relative to the moulding profile. It has a horizontal rebate clamp to pull the moulding firmly whilst it is being joined. It uses Alfagraf 'Power-Twist' wedges which draw the moulding together as they are inserted. The insertion hammer is solid steel and is guaranteed for two years. The 'Alpha 1/M Super' takes mouldings from 6mm to 80mm wide.

Logan Framers Edge 655: The heavy-duty construction, rich features, and an attractive look make the Framer's Edge Range the preferred system for framers and serious artists. It will manage high production mount cutting as well as smaller projects. The Logan Framers Edge 660 allows you to make cuts up to 122 cm (48") long. A non-stick coated cutting bar provides smooth cutting and needs no lubrication. The parallel mount guide slides smoothly in aluminum channels, enabling quick, accurate border measurements up to 13.33cm (5.25").  A fully scaled 68.58cm  (27") squaring arm holds mounts perfectly square. 

The discounted price for this whole package is just £2038.30 +vat and delivery. For further information about individual products, please look at the Professional Equipment section of the store. 

If you really know what you are after then this is the launchpad to framing success.

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Professional Framing Equipment

We have started researching a complete range of tools for those of you aiming to move ahead as professional framers.  We already supply top of the range mount cutters in the form of the Logan Framers Edge.  The latest additions to the suggested workshop range is the series of mitre cutters & choppers made by Hansen of Denmark.  These offer professional quality mitre cuts in moulding at affordable prices and in 3 different sizes.  Each one is either hand or foot operated, meaning the you will not have to have power in the workshop.  In short there is something to cater for the professional framer (or framing artist, photographer, collector and needlecrafter) no matter what space you have available to work in.

For more information, click on the names below and you will link to our products page:

Hansen Maxi Chopper
Hansen Mini Chopper
Hansen EZCut

In the very near future we hope to finalise details for a professional underpinner to complete the main part of our professional workshop range.

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Stretching Canvas

We often talk to people over the telephone about how to strectch and frame canvas and larger pieces of textile based art.  It does actually feature as a demonstration during our Framing Fabrics training day, when we show the tools and resources needed to create stretchers.  In fact, if you really want to try out that type of framing activity, this can be accommodated in our Framing Fabrics day. You would have the chance to stretch and frame a textile sample (or your own work) as your choice of project for the afternoon session of the day. It is important to let us know in advance should this be your chosen project, so we can ensure that we have appropriate stretchers and frame moulding ready for use.

To find out more about the Framing Fabrics days why not use the Training Zone menu.

As a result of the interest you have shown in these projects, we now stock:

  • stretcher bars (with wedges)
  • cross braces
  • stretcher pliers
  • staple guns

For details of these products visit the strore browser.


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