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Arqadia Mount Boards

Arqadia range of blackcore boardsWe realise it may be hard to get excited about mount boards, but for us at DIYframing, the tension has been mounting for almost a year now. The notion of extending the range has been on the cards even longer, but the reality is that finally “stocking” a catalogue as vast as Arqadia’s takes up space. It was initially suggested that we created space at Woodlands Farm (Beaconsfield), but once a move was being explored, those plans went on hold. However, rumours will have been expressed during training sessions, looking forward to a time of even greater choice.

Now that the new Cressex showroom is open, we have the space, the technology and the storage units to accommodate the range, which extends to over 200 shades / styles. When you think of what picture framing is all about, how the combination of colour choice and mount cutting style influences how we view artwork, then you begin to recognise that this is the most significant development in our product range for years. Mount board is an item that is used at all levels of framing and that all of you will end up buying at some point.

Conservation Piece

What has probably excited us most, however, is that rather than advise you to source more specialist boards for certain projects, you can now buy them through us. The Arqadia range features around 150 white core boards, of which almost 60 are conservation grade: the first time we have stocked any conservation boards. It’s also worth noting that all Arqadia Conservation boards fully comply to FATG Conservation level: for some framers, conservation board is their “base-line” board.

On top of that, there are 15 black core boards, 5 “metallic” boards and 11 “suedette”. There are thicker boards, 2 mm & 3.5 mm: do remember that you need cutters especially designed to work with these thicker boards when creating mounts. The Framers Edge and Platinum Edge systems already have appropriate cutters built in: the alternative is the Logan 5000 4 & 8 Ply cutter which can work on a rule, or any of the other Logan Mount Cutting systems.

Arqadia Foil BoardsMounting Style

Where boards are designated as black core, there will be a white core equivalent meaning that you can play around with the combination of black bevels, layered on top of a white core panel (or vice versa). The same applies to thicker boards, where you will be able to find a matching, standard thickness board if you intend to vary the depth in a mount.

You can view the full catalogue of Arqadia mounts.

While all of this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the Britannia boards: you can still buy the same vibrant range of trusted colours, it does mean that your choice has been almost quadrupled over night and taken you into areas you haven’t been able to access quite so simply before. So, maybe some of our excitement at the new changes will rub off on you.


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Invitation to Attend ...

The Grand Opening of DIYframing High WycombeYou are invited to join us in celebrating the opening of our new warehouse & training centre. This new venture aims to offer access to the world of Picture Framing in whatever way you choose.

You can

  • Learn the skills with the UK School of framing programme
  • Purchase tools and materials
  • Buy ready-made frames and mirrors
  • Bespoke framing – an expert framing service.
 Timmy Mallett will be leading the official launch

We are also delighted to have Timmy Mallett, artist and media personality, here for:


The Opening Ceremony at 12.00, noon.


One of Timmy’s original works of art will also be available for purchase on the day.


To give you a memorable day we have arranged:

  • Special offers & Discounts – treat yourself or buy some early Christmas presents
  • Raffle ( all proceeds to charity) - Prizes: course voucher, £100 Product voucher, mitre trimmer, 301 compact mount cutter, strap clamp, Christmas hamper, chocolates & wine
  • Demonstration of framing and mount cutting by our chief tutor Richard Buttle
  • A Celebration cake
  • Refreshments
  • An exhibition of original artwork in our gallery area.

For a downloadable PDF about the event (opens in new window) click: The Grand Opening.

To find our new location view map, see the contact us page for map & directions.

The Grand Opening of DIYframing High Wycombe

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Trio of Tab Guns

There have been a few changes made to the range of Charnwood Tab Guns.   In one case it is a matter of a few developments.  Whereas the others are new to DIYframing.


Charnwood Flexi-Tab GunThe Charnwood T220 replaces the existing model.  It has a number of improvements, including a new grip offering greater comfort and ease of use. It is still capable of use with rigid or flexi-tabs and is sold at the same price as its predecessor. The main difference is colour - it's turned red. 


Charnwood Brad GunThe  VT120 Hand Operated Brad Nailer is the first of our completely new range.  This brad nailer allows you to use the traditional system of "panel pins" to hold backing board etc in place. For durable, traditional style fixing, the 18 mm, stainless steel nails, which it fires, ensure a durable finish.


Charnwood Arrowhead Tab GunThe T420 Arrowhead Tab gun uses a professional, framers rigid point for holding glazing / backing in place - ideal all round gun, but also copes with conservation grade work.  Charnwood does supply rigid points, but the gun can also accommodate the appropriate style of Fletcher points.

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Autumn Special Deals: 16th & 17th October

Autumn Weekend Specials: 1

Weekend Special OffersGreat Savings Help Cut Corners

This is a special offer for combined Mitre Trimmer & Measure System. This deal saves over £25.00 on the total of the two separate catalogue prices.

The mitre trimmer is used to give the perfect mitre finish to sawn ends of moulding sections. It trims cleanly through finished or natural mouldings, removing the need for filling or "touching up" after joining.  The measuring system, made especially for the mitre trimmer, has a mitred measurement scale on each of two fences, on which the moulding can rest as you feed it into the trimmer. Using this system, lengths of moulding can be easily cut to exactly the required length.

The Package Costs Just £145 (inc. VAT)  Click for more information & purchase details



5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.

FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.



Remember: this offer is valid only on orders placed on-line from 6 am on 16th October until midnight 17th October.

Offers valid from 6.00 am 16th - midnight 17th Oct

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New Alfa with Italian Styling

Alfa A2M UnderpinnerAlfamacchine has a well established reputation for making durable and innovative framing equipment, at manageable prices.  Those of us using the tried and tested Minigraf A1M underpinner can vouch for that.  Hot off the press, so to speak, is the new MINIGRAF A2M-200 underpinner with great design detailing and exciting new features.

Great Innovation

The clamping and underpinning mechanism can be turned around to allow the user to work in their preferred style and offering maximum vision of the mitre join / fit.  The head also tilts helping with holding the position of the mitre contact and moulding support.  The vertical clamp has been updated to the new Minigraf Spring Pin Top Adjuster. 

The operating capacity has been extended allowing it to take mouldings up to 180 mm wide.

This new underpinner also has a great new look, being mounted on an elegant steel stand.  The addition of steel support wings completes a sophisticated all round package at a very affordable price. 

This is available on our site as a package including support wings of £799 (inclusive of vat).  For details or ordering click: Alfa A2M. (Please phone for delivery / carriage costs.)

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Learning The Trade

Business Development WeeK: Setting Up in Business

When you are starting out in picture framing, what you really need to get a business started are the core skills and the essential, practical elements necessary to get you up and running.  For most people the burning issues are:

  1. What kit do I need, what does it look like and how do you use it?
  2. What must I consider when setting up work space(s)?
  3. What areas must I consider to be organised?
  4. What are the issue behind pricing systems?
  5. How do I bring in work?
  6. How do I market my business?
  7. Can I generate products for sale?


Getting Organised

Business Development Week; Filling the Order Book

These are the questions that the two Business Days on our Business Development Week are geared up to explore.  The first 4 points are covered on day 1 and the content has been slightly re-worked to feature a summary guide to basic, professional picture framing kit and how each element is used.  The aim of the day is to give you information, ideas and guidelines which you can tailor to your business needs.  The second day covers areas 5-7:  you can be incredibly well organised, but if you are not able to fill order books or market your business effectively, then you will never generate an income.


Core Skills

Business Development Week: Core Practical Skills

The other days in the Business Week are all related to the core skills of picture framing.  Either as part of the Business Week or on previous weekends, students will have completed the Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration modules.  These prepare you for dealing with most standard framing projects and reveal some ways of adding a bit of creative flair in your work.  The next set of modules adds a layer of finesse and range to what you can offer your customers.  These sessions are (can also be booked as stand-alone days):

  • 3D (box) Framing
  • Conservation Framing
  • Framing Fabrics

If this sounds appealing, and just what you need, why not become one of the first to train at our new DIYframing HQ in High Wycombe.  Some places are still available for all or parts of our Business Development Week in November (click for details).

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DIYfrming Shortlisted for Award

British Business Boost top ten finalists announced

Short Listed for British Business Boost AwardsTop entrepreneurs to judge growth firms in business challenge this week

The British Business Boost was launched by Siemens Enterprise Communications in May to provide practical support and inspiration for the country’s 4.8 million smaller firms.

Chairman of the judging panel Leon Mangan, indirect channel sales director, Siemens Enterprise Communications, said; “Britain is well known for its entrepreneurial flair, and the quality of the competition entrants has proven that spirit is alive and well. We have a fascinating set of finalists, and it was extremely difficult to select the ten finalists. Choosing the winner will be even harder, but it is great to see the British Business Boost is inspiring our small firms.”

London, Monday September 20 - The British Business Boost, a unique £50,000 prize competition set up by Siemens Enterprise Communications to inspire growth-focused small firms, has announced its short list of ten finalists.

The short list consisted of a wide selection of companies, ranging from a 3D digital modeling firm to a Pinewood Studios-based stunt company, each of which has demonstrated significant business innovation and growth.

The competition in the British Business Boost award 2010 was tough with the panel of four judges offering a pedigree of success and innovation in a wide variety of business backgrounds.  Whilst we were not the outright winners of the competition we did very well.  Having reached the final ten, nationwide, we were given Finest British Business Boost certification in recognition of “innovation, vision and achievement in a small / medium enterprise.”

During the judging session on Tuesday, September 21st, the ten companies’ entries were scrutinised by an expert panel including entrepreneurs Tristram Mayhew of forest adventure company GoApe!, Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital, as well as restaurant entrepreneur Sarah Willingham and Gerard Burke of growth firm Your Business Your Future.

For further details, including a full list of finalists, visit:

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We Have Moved



DIYframing moving premises


We are delighted to announce that, with effect from Monday 13th September, DIYframing will be operating out of new premises on the Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe.

Whilst we will endeavour to provide a similar level of service to the current one, please bear with us as we find our feet in the new surroundings. Eventually there will be a large store to browse around, but for the first month we will have to sell goods over a counter as we have done at Woodlands Studio.


The Chop Service will continue as usual but again, we hope you understand if turn-around times are a little delayed.

We look forward to your continued support and catching up in the future, perhaps in our new premises.

New contacts

(some remain unchanged):

DIYframing New PremisesDIYframing Ltd

Unit 2,

Crusader Industrial Estate,

Stirling Road, Off Halifax Road,

Cressex Business Park,

High Wycombe,


HP12 3ST

Free Phone: 0800 801061 (unchanged)

Telephone : 01494 459545 (NEW)

Fax: 08700 513507 (unchanged)

Email: (unchanged)



Take the A4010 exit at the handy cross roundabout (junction 4 of the M40) into John Hall Way, go straight across the first mini roundabout and turn right at the next roundabout into Cressex Link. Continue forward going straight on at traffic lights and take the 2 turning on the left into Halifax Road. Proceed for about 100 metres (you will see the Booker store ahead of you) and take the first right into Stirling Road. Taking the second entrance turning right between the blue posts into Crusader Industrial Estate and Unit 2 is the second unit from the right . You will see the ‘DIYframing Ltd’ designated parking spaces on either side of the road.


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Special Offers In August 2 for 1 Mouldings

Special Offers In July 2 for 1 Mouldings2 for 1 Moulding

This weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost.  It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. This offer applies to all framing mouldings in our catalogue.

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.

Remember: this offer is valid only on orders placed on-line from 6 am on 21st August until midnight 22nd August. 

Special Offers In August 2 for 1 Mouldings

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Important Information - Logan 500 Upgrade Kit

Import Information re Logan 5000 8 ply CutterThis item is important to anybody who has bought the Logan 5000 4 & 8 ply bevel cutter from us, since March 2010. Some of the first units to ship had a depth screw that did not work as well as the current screw in activating the LED light. Also the current Logan 5000 version is now shipped with a pack of the single edge, 271 blades (referenced on the packaging card), which can be used for better cuts through 8 ply boards.


Recognising that some of you have experienced some difficulties when cutting 8 ply board, Logan is keen to send out some simple upgrade packages to existing Logan 5000 owners, bringing earlier shipments up to current standards. The pack consists of:

  • New depth screw
  • #271-5 blade pack
  • New package card
  • New instruction manual
  • Brief instruction sheet on how to replace the depth screw

So, if you have bought a Logan 5000 4 / 8 ply cutter since March 2010 to help us ensure you receive an upgrade kit, please contact Judy Robertson by phone or email (

Any future orders for the Logan 5000 4 / 8 ply cutter wil be from a new consignment which will already have all of the above items featured.

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Return of the Best

Special Offers In July

The last set of offers are re-runs of three earlier favourites.  They are also deals that will offer great savings to the widest range of our customers.

5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.

Special Offers In July 2 for 1 Mouldings2 for 1 Moulding

This weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost.  It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. This offer applies to all framing mouldings in our catalogue.

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.

Special Offers In July

Free Vouchers (£20) on Course Bookings

We are giving away £20.00 DIYframing vouchers to anybody booking courses on line this weekend.  So check out our full programme (click: Courses List) and you can plan ahead by booking available dates between now and end of December 2010. The £20.00 voucher (redeemable against goods on the DIYframing site) will then give you a great start with buying kit or materials to practise what you have learnt.

Remember: offers are valid only on orders placed on-line from 6 am on 31st July until midnight 1st August. 

Special Offers In July

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DIYframing Needs You!

Our framing sports jerseys training day was developed following a ground swell of inquiries asking for advice on how that sort of project works. We have now run several successful sessions over the past three years. (next one is 15th September).

Framing Memorabilia: medalsPin & Clasp

In a similar way there has been a great deal of interest in advice about framing other forms of memorabilia. One area especially popular is that of framing medals. We are looking for feedback from you to see whether there is enough interest to devise a training day around this type of work. In broad terms, we are looking at a session in Beaconsfield: we would be framing any item of memorabilia with a “pin and clasp” type backing (medals, brooches, lapel badges, service badges etc). Another area could be to look at how to put a medal (or similar) along with a 2D item (photo, letter, provenance etc) all in one frame mount.

Building Your Framing Repertoire

Rather than keeping it simple, we could use it as an excuse to extend the framing repertoire: how to make a bespoke background (papers or images) with bevelled “sink” mount: triple mount with spacing. We would cover important issues specific to this style of project: holding the item in place and creating space behind the mount for the clasp.

We need your feedbackContact Us

What we would like from you is feedback via our email: Please make the subject reference: Framing Memorabilia so that we can easily spot your correspondence. Let us know:

  1. if you would be interested in this type of session;
  2. ideas for other types of “pin & clasp” items you might need to frame;
  3. particular pieces you might have to frame;
  4. combinations of items you may want to frame;
  5. any other similar areas of framed memorabilia you are keen explore.

If we find a core of about 10 with similar needs and interests we will aim to take it further. Look forward to hearing from you.


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Get Set Up With DIYframing

Business Development WeekIf you are looking to earn money from your picture framing, at whatever level, it makes sense to be organised and do your research. What better way could there be than joining us on our Business Development Week? Here, we operate a series of practical workshops that develop the skills used in the framing projects you will be most required to use: 3D (Box) Framing; Conservation Framing; Framing Fabrics. In addition, you will be taken through a check list of practical issues you need to have considered and covered before you set up (Business Day 1). The second Business Day is all about marketing your services and ways of being proactive when finding new business or developing new “framed” products for sale.


Our Business Weeks are open to all: from complete novice through to people who have got the framing bug. The full 7 day programme can take you from your first frame, to being a confident framer: click Business Week to see the whole programme. However, the individual modules are also available, should you wish to develop over a broader timescale.


Previous, successful trainees have gone on to add a framing service to an existing business; some have used it as a supplementary income and others have taken to opportunity to change careers. To see more experiences, read through some our case studies – the majority of those featured have either completed the full week or modules from the programme. Our next Business Development Week starts: November 2010


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Special Offers In July



Logan Pro Saw - Save £59

Logan Pro Saw: save £59

Every cloud has a silver lining. Recently we had a consignment of Pro Saws delivered, perfect in every way – except the scale on the measure system was incorrectly calibrated. The silver lining? If you don’t mind setting and sticking down a new scale (provided with each of these saws) you can have a brand new, top quality mitre saw system for just £80. That is a massive saving of £59! ... and, just to repeat, you end up with the market leading, home framer’s mitre system. More Information


Logan Framers Edge 655 - Save £60

Logan Framers Edge: save £60

For many years this has been the best, value-for-money mount cutter, taking people into professional framing. Nothing has changed in that respect, except that we have decided to tempt people into the world of speedy, professional, lines-free mount cutting by knocking another £60 off the usual catalogue price over this weekend. More Information



Logan Platinum Edge £855 - invest & save over £100

Special Offers In JulyIf you want to go the whole hog and move straight into the top end of mount cutting, this is your lucky weekend. The Platinum edge is a “professional” cutting system with all of the features you would expect on this level of machine. The big difference being, that it is considerably cheaper than the more established brands. We have a limited stock of these cutters that we will be clearing ahead of a new Logan order of kit. That means we are passing on a saving of over £100 on our catalogue price: just £740 instead of the usual £850. More Information

These are enduring bits of kit: thinking longer term, VAT rises in January might make this a golden opportunity for just such an investment.


Please remember: these offers apply when items listed above are ordered on line between 6.00 am, 24th July, and midnight 25th July.

Special Offers In July

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SUMMER OFFERS: 2nd Weekend in July

Weekend Special Offers

Logan Simplex Studio 700 S at £149 with 10 free bladesLogan 700 S: Savings worth over £27.00

This cutting system punches way above its weight.  With all of the best bits of the larger Simplex System, this package features a great quality pull - cutter (gives crisp corners); hinged cutting arm; sturdy squaring bar; end cutting stop ... the list goes on.  Ideal for photographers & artists who want the quality but don't have the room for a large cutting system.  MORE

The offer is: £139.00 (usual price £160.98) AND 10 blades FREE (worth £5.50)

5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.

Special Offer on Postage to Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland SPECIAL

We are delighted that we have an increasing number of customers in the Republic of Ireland.  To help you get started, we are offering postage of just £17.60 (includes UK vat) on all orders to Ireland, up to 20 kg.  This offer applies on orders made within the weekend time-frame (6.00 am 17th July - midnight 18th July)

Dates for weekend offer

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Art Gekko: Off The Tourist Track

Art Gekko - feature on a rapidly rising business

Art Gekko is all about bringing vibrant pieces of art to the UK from sources all around the world. During 18 months of travel, Hilary Simms (15 years working in marketing) and her partner Ben, sought out quality, original artwork that made an impact: the best work was often discovered way off the tourist paths. The cost of getting framed-artworks shipped home was excessive and would have made the business a non-starter, so it was an obvious decision to add a framing side to the business. By doing so, Hilary can import artwork as rolled canvas then frame it herself. In turn this led to the UK School of Framing training programme.  

“I am amazed how much I learned in my course and I was very well equipped to go straight into professionally framing our artwork for sale purposes.” 

This was combined with a “whistle-stop” work experience in a framing gallery, providing the background and boost to launch Art Gekko as dealers in, and framers of, original artwork.

This must be one of the quickest routes, we have ever featured at DIYframing, of a business moving so effectively from the planning stage to trading. Read more at ART GEKKO

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Weekend Special Offers

Double Up MouldingsThis weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost. This offer only applies to moulding orders placed on-line between 6.00 am, Saturday 10th July and midnight, Sunday 11th July.

Two for One

It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. This offer applies to all framing mouldings in our catalogue.

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.

£20.00 gift Voucher with Course bookings

Vouchers with Course BookingsAnd here’s another one. We are giving away £20.00 DIYframing vouchers to anybody booking courses on line this weekend. The promotion applies to any level of training day, as long as the booking is made, on-line, between 6.00 am, Saturday 10th July and midnight, Sunday 11th July. So check out our full programme (click: Courses List) and you can plan ahead by booking available dates between now and end of December 2010. The £20.00 voucher (redeemable against goods on the DIYframing site) will then give you a great start with buying kit or materials to practise what you have learnt.

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New Date - Adding Frame Finishes

Frame Finishes Course: Beaconsfield 16th SeptemberIf you really want to be creative with your framing, why not find out how to put your own art effects on fram?es Knowing about the timber used in the moulding, how to prepare surfaces ready for different art effects and simply knowing about the range of media available are essential to good quality work. Our Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames training days offer a great deal of background information and the chance to experiment with effects and products. The chevron samples you create will be just the start of an exciting new avenue for your framing. We have just entered a new date for training: 16th September, Beaconsfield, (click for details)

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Framing Sports Shirts

Framing Sports ShirtsFraming clothing is not especially difficult, but there are a few special techniques needed to do it well.  On our Framing Sports Shirts training days, we show you how to support and stage your garment, ensuring it is undamaged by any processes involved.  It is a practical course so you will leave with your sport’s shirt beautifully displayed in a double mount and frame. All of the skills and techniques practised also apply when framing many other forms of clothing. We have just entered a new date for training: 15th September, Beaconsfield (click for details).

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Art In Action - Daily Offer

Art In Action Exhibition, 2010

Just for Art in Action we are running a daily special promotion. Each day, the first five customers who present their ART In Action Voucher and purchase over £100.00 of goods, on our stand, will receive a free fixings pack worth over £15.00.

The fixings pack consists of:D-rings (3 different sizes); a range of screws; felt bumper pads; picture hooks & wall pins; 10 m lengths of cord (2 gauges); Kiasu Easel Stand (brass)

Download your ART IN ACTION voucher

"Inspired by the simple principle that people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills and discuss their work, Art in Action was born.

In 1977, 51 artists and musicians took part and 14,000 visitors arrived. Today Art in Action welcomes approximately 25,000 people over four days. Visitors come to learn, buy and enjoy, the exhibitions, classes and performances of 400 demonstrating artists, designer makers, teachers, musicians and performers. Disciplines include painting, sculpture, glass, woodwork, textiles, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery." (from the Art In Action site)

Don't Forget Your Voucher

This event is quite exceptional as it celebrates the skills and talents of people working within the arts and crafts sphere. The appeal is the chance to see experts in action while being able to find ways of developing and extending your own skills. This will be the third year that DIYframing has been invited to attend the festival and of course we are delighted to be involved.

The great thing is that the setting combined with the variety of activity makes this an exciting day out in such beautiful surroundings. Our stand will feature mount cutting and frame making tools, details of courses running around the country and have staff available to provide expert advice about framing issues.

Art In Action 2010 runs at Waterperry House, Nr Oxford. It opens from 10.00 am – 5.30 pm, 15th – 18th July. For more details of the whole event click: ART IN ACTION to visit the organiser's site.


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2010 Picture Framing Competition

Competition has been postponed as a result of moving premises.

Picture Framing Competition 2010

Our inaugural picture framing competition was a great success. The standard of entry was amazing and the quality of the eventual winners was exceptional. We had great feedback from all involved, not least the expert judge, who was hugely impressed with all pieces.

The timing did take a few people by surprise and they asked for a bit more notice this year. So here we are, announcing the SUMMER COMPETITION 2010 with 3 months preparation time. Once again we are running it without outside sponsors: the exciting prizes on offer are all provided by DIYframing.

So, whatever your skill level why not have a go? It’s a cliché, but true: if you don’t enter you can’t win. And a £300 cash first prize is good news by anybody’s standards.

The 2010 Theme: The BluesBlue Sky Thinking?

This time our theme is The Blues. There are so many ideas to be explored within the blues: colour, mood, memorabilia, bought prints, not to mention artwork you might produce especially for the competition. As last year, it’s important that whatever you choose to frame, it should be linked to the theme, but it is the framing that is under scrutiny: that too should compliment the title.

Judges will be making their decision based on skill levels, quality of the framing, design ideas & execution and overall impact. As well as the judges’ decision, visitors to the Open Day exhibition can also offer a public opinion. Their votes will be added into the judges’ tally to provide an overall score. That final total will determine the winners.

Sounds good? You need to get busy: all entries must be at our Woodlands Farm HQ, no later than 3.00 pm on Tuesday 7th September.

From Picasso's Blue PeriodThe Prize:

1st - £300 cash; 2nd £100 (DIYframing Vouchers); 3rd £50 (DIYframing Vouchers).


To qualify for entry, you must be a registered member of DIYframing … it is not too late to sign up. DIYframing employees (or their family members) will not be able to apply. Only one entry per person.


This will take place on 11th September (date to be finalised), with a chance for the public to vote at the exhibition of all entries during our Open Day, at Beaconsfield HQ, Saturday 11th September.  An expert in the field of picture framing will give marks under three headings:

  • Frame construction (20 points) – split into two sub headings of i) accuracy of work (10 points); ii) skill level involved (10 points)
  • Design (15 points)– how well the design of the piece takes account of the theme “The Blues” and how well it works with the selected artwork;
  • Impact (15 points)– overall impact of the piece when first seen. 

It’s in this last area where you can give your opinion.  Entries will also be judged for by visitors to the Open Day.  The piece receiving most votes for 1st place will be awarded a further 50 points; 2nd, 30 points; 3rd, 15 points. These will be added on to the expert’s points to provide a final tally – the framing with the most points, wins!

Closing Date:

All projects will have to be sent or delivered to DIYframing in Beaconsfield: entrants will have to be responsible for all costs involved in that process.  Closing date for entries: 

Competition Entry Form

Before entering please read (click) full terms & conditions.

To view or download entry form click entry form icon:

All entries must be accompanied by a completed form.  If entering please email your intention to as it will help to determine exhibition space and requirements. 

Please note however that notification is not binding and failure to notify us would not exclude your entry.



Summary of Key Information

  • Theme: The Blues
  • Closing date: 
  • Prizes: 1st - £300 cash; 2nd £100 (DIYframing Vouchers); 3rd £50 (DIYframing Vouchers).
  • Judging: Completed at 


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A Man, A Van, A Plan

Tim Nicholson writes about Deepwell Framing

In the dim and distant past, DIYframing ran a picture framing weekend in Glasgow. Among the 10 strong contingent taking part in our first Scottish training was Tim Nicholson. Since then, as well as being a loyal DIYframer, Tim has ended up with his own framing business: and he has the van to prove it! This is Tim’s story of Deepwell Framing.


All in all, business is good. It’s not developing too fast, but I am finding it more and more difficult to get out of the workshop in order to do office related things: that alone tells me something is moving in the right direction. I couldn’t ask for a better work/life balance right now. I should have done this 30 years ago.



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New Project - Framing Makeover

Acrylic on board BEFOREHaving had feed-back from a number of those of you joining our development level courses, it was good to hear how useful (and thought provoking) you find our projects.  Whilst there might not be an identical piece to complete, these sheets do feature ideas, or techniques, which  are often helpful.  And of course PDF downloads are freely availabvle to all DIYframing members.

Acrylic on board AFTERFashions change. What was once a lovely frame now looks dated, tired or just not right for where something is now going to hang. A picture frame make-over is great fun. It gives you a chance to show off a bit, but it’s also seeing the phoenix rise from the ashes: artwork that looked OK, suddenly looks amazing. Rather than being heavy on framing skills, this project is all about design choices and proportions. To view the project in full, visit our Project Library and open project 7: Framing Makeover.

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Fun With Specials

Fun & Games with Frame FinishesIf you enjoy doing your own framing and the simple pleasure of making things look exactly how you want is paramount, then investigate our specials courses. Where some are more skills based, other workshops are linked more to providing you with creative options. Having just completed an Art Finishes session, it is worth pointing out just how much fun you can have spraying paint with toothbrushes and splattering acrylics on frames (floor and yourself) with a brush. What you end up with is a taste (not literally) of what you can do with a whole range of products and techniques. For those who enjoy that level of control it takes you into a whole new world of creative potential. The same is true of stretching & framing canvases or finding out about preparing needlework for framing. In all cases they give you the chance to do things well and just the way you want. Check these dates out: Canvas Stretching, Manchester: Frame Finishes, Manchester; Framing Fabric (one-off special), Beaconsfield

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STAS Hanging Systems - New Feature

New Service - STAS picture framing hanging systems.We are delighted to say that we are now a main supplier of the renowned, STAS picture hanging system. Rather than having to measure, mark your walls and then knock in pins and hooks, the design of this system is elegant, easy to install and allows all sorts of adjustments and groupings of artwork. It’s ideal for galleries and exhibitions but is equally suited to use in the home. There is a massive variety of clever features in the STAS range: lighting, different finishes, hangers for varying weights, whiteboard panels ... the list goes on. The ability to adjust hanging positions without having to redecorate means that changing artwork or altering the look of a room is an incredibly easy task. To find out more about how it all works, product range and prices, link to our STAS @ DIYframing page.

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Stock Interest

Special Offer

Special offer on range of thick mountboardsIf you’ve ever wanted to use thicker mountboards in your framing, now is a good time to see what they can offer. We have a small stock remaining of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm boards on offer at incredibly good prices. To see the range click SPECIAL OFFERS and scroll down the list to find them. To give you a flavour, here’s a quick link to the 2mm black, black core board. Remember, the special prices are only while stocks last.


Odds & Ends

2 new items in store: pozi drive bits; Longridge Duo MidiFor one reason or another, we occasionally feature small runs of stock to see how they fare. The two we have for you this month couldn’t be further apart: the Longridge, Duo Midi mount cutter and De Walt phillips screwdriver bits. No quips, no clever comments – but we do suggest you have a look.



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Handy Hints - New Sheets Available

New handy hints sheets availableThe DIYframing elves have been busy again, working on some more helpful information for all of you starting out in framing. Four more Handy Hints sheets are now available for FREE downloads. The new titles are (click on individual titles to open PDF in new window): 1) Tapes & Their Uses; 2) Using Pass-Through Hinges; 3) Cutting Glass - Score & Snap; 4) Trimming Glass Using Fletcher Nipping & Running Pliers. If you are not familiar with our Handy Hints sheets, have a look at the full range: click, Handy Hints. There are currently 22 items in the back catalogue, with even more on the way.

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Contract Framing - Lending a Hand

Help with contract framing.If you now have your own picture framing business and it’s moving along really well, you’ll know how important it is to extend your order book. Just occasionally, you may get an inquiry for some contract work. Multiple orders can seem a little daunting, but rather than lose the contact, you want to take on the order.


If you are concerned that an order may be too big, either in terms of dimension or quantity, why not ask for help? Recently DIYframing has been doing just that, lending a hand with large contracts. It’s a win, win situation: DIYframing has a “nice little earner”; you get to keep the contact and make a finder’s fee charge on top of the framing costs. The job’s done, your order book grows.


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Framing Kit Under £400

Framing kit under £400Price is always an issue when deciding whether to venture into doing your framing. That and finding what you need. To simplify matters and keep costs down, we have come up with a home framing pack for under £400, again exclusive to purchases at Focus on Imaging 2010. There’s nothing basic in this kit though! It provides great quality tools and materials for all parts of picture frame construction and you will be saving in the order of £65.


To help whet your appetite and get you organised, you can download an advance flyer (PDF) of the framing kit on offer. Click: Framing Kit £399

Offer applies only on purchases made at Focus on Imaging 2010

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Mountboard Madness

Special deal on mountboardDIYframing offers a range of over 20 shades of white mount board, within our total palette of 70 colours / shades. This year, especially for Focus on Imaging 2010, we can give you access to the full range, with a great mount board package. Make your choice from colour charts featuring all 70 shades of white-core board, and you will be able to create a “pick ‘n mix” order of twenty, A1 mount boards for just £45.00 (white-core). These will be sent to your chosen delivery address, carriage free. That works out at just £2.25 per sheet and no struggling around the stands with a large pile of mount board!

Offer applies only to purchases made at Focus on Imaging 2010

To read the full article as seen in Focus News, click MOUNTBOARD MADNESS


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Golden Opportunity

Having built up an exceptionally well regarded and successful gallery and framing business, Jenny & Alan Milverton are putting their business up for sale: M F Frames Ltd operates from premises on St Helen’s Street in Ipswich, Suffolk.

If you are interested in finding out more about the business sale, please contact Jenny or Alan on 01473 225544, or via email

 Jenny & Alan have made the decision finally to hand the baton on, because;

“… a small house in Italy beckons! And we are coming up to retirement age and want to do certain things before we keel over.”

Even if you are not ready to take over a business, you will be inspired to find out how the Milvertons and M F Frames Ltd started.

Where Did It All Begin?

M F Frames LtdStepping out of a production of Ghostbusters one January morning in 1985, looking across the busy road and thinking, “that would be a good site for a gallery and framing shop”: opposite a theatre and right by the traffic lights. With all the confidence of (comparative) youth, Alan had decided that he could do better working for himself than for the absentee owner of the business, where he was then employed.

By June of 1985 the business was open, with Alan and his framing partner standing in their newly painted shop – just waiting for the customers to flock in. Those first couple of years were HARD and the partner, who had a young family to support, left for other employment. Within another year Alan was employing a couple of part timers and the business soon outgrew the available space.

Offices, Galleries & Workshops

A workshop was found nearby and with the division of labour that this entailed I then decided to leave my job in order to man the shop. We soon realised that the logistics of having the workshop off site were not ideal and, when the offices above the shop became vacant, we took them on, creating a gallery space until such time as the lease on the workshop expired. This all coincided nicely with the recession of 1991/2 so the next few years were tough – maintaining effectively three premises and more staff than we could afford.

With natural wastage and finally bringing the workshop and gallery together under one roof we recovered, and have been toddling along quite nicely ever since. Credit crunch, what credit crunch? – Oh! Yes, this one. Fortunately we are of such long standing that we seem to be surviving despite a definite downturn in picture sales and corporate customers. We have become an “Institution” !!

In these twenty five years we have framed almost everything, served as varied a mix of customers as could be desired and seen tastes in pictures and frames go almost full circle.


What have we learnt?

Lesson 1.

Yes, you can start a business from scratch, but by golly it takes a few years of sweat and tears to achieve what you could have had instantly by buying in to an existing business.

Lesson 2.

If you are no good at book keeping then pay somebody who is. After our first couple of years we realised that this was not our strong point, and, as importantly, that the VAT and TAX man are much happier to see well kept and understood accounts. Don’t go for one of the big accountants, there are plenty of one man bands out there and you should find somebody who suits you.

Lesson 3.

Don’t under price in order to get the customer, once you start that then yes, you will make some customers happy, but you won’t make any money. Unfortunately there are people who can’t afford bespoke frame, and that’s that.

Lesson 4.

Invest in yourself. Alan qualified as a Guild Commended Framer in the late 1980’s and it does make a difference, both to his and other people's confidence in him. The Fine Art Trade Guild is there to support the industry, so make the most of them.


The Best Investment

Our Quick Price Picture Framing software. We bought this just over two years ago and it made such a difference to our profitability. Prior to that we used a chart, well designed by a member of staff, which had sizes down one side, prices along the top and variables – well only a picture framer knows how many variables there are in any one job. No matter how good the chart you sometimes cannot be accurate down to the last few pounds, let alone pennies.

With framing software, once you have fed all the information in, then the machine does it for you. Not only that but the customer is much happier to accept a price which they see building up on the screen than the framer, scratching their head, holding the chart at all angles and scribbling down various figures.

Our website. Keeping up to date is important, technology changes, communication changes and you need to be seen as a part of the 21st century. We have had a website for the past 10 years and are just in the process of redesigning it to reflect the changes in even that short time.

Visit M F Frames Ltd: (opens in new window)


The Secret Of Successful Framing?

It really helps if you like framing things. A bit obvious I know but if, after many years, you can still feel passionate about a new moulding that your friendly rep has put under your nose, and immediately start visualising what you would like to put it round – then you’re clearly hooked. Equally, if you can still muster up enthusiasm for the same cross stitch design that you have seen many times before, and help your customer choose what is right for them – then their pleasure when you open the parcel continues to be a worthwhile reward.


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Three of The Best From Logan

Finding products to reinvigorate the market and create real interest is always important. But waiting for innovations abroad to reach the UK is also frustrating: nowadays the Internet keeps you so bang up to date with progress, you’re constantly aware of what you’re missing. So, we are really pleased, here at DIYframing, to be able to add some newly designed Logan machines to our catalogue. We are one of a select few, who have managed to get hold of demonstration tools ready for 2010. The new machines are not upgrades: they genuinely extend the range of framing equipment available. We are especially pleased that visitors to our stand (B17) at Focus On Imaging, will be among the first to see these working in the UK. Having already had a chance to play, there’s no doubt that these are excellent, well thought through machines from Logan. Here’s a taster of what is coming.


Three to Show At Focus

NEW mat cutter system Logan Platinum EdgeThe Platinum Edge 855 Mat Cutter

This has been designed to compete at the top of the mount cutting market. It is a true, professional cutting system aimed at people who need exceptional quality. There are so many features that put it into the premier league. The build quality is outstanding and is clearly made to compete with traditional names at the top end of manual, mount cutting. Key features include:

  •  Aluminium base
  • 4ply (1.4mm) & 8ply (3 mm) cutting capability
  • Quick change magnetic blade magazine
  • Micro adjustable moveable stops
  • Straight and bevel cutting heads, featuring super-smooth ball bearing system
  • A removable squaring arm.


Logan Platinum Edge 855 Bevel Cutting Head

Logan Platinum Edge 855l plan view

Logan Platinum Edge 855 Straight Cutting Head







NEW Board Trimmer Logan Total Trimmer T-300The Total Trimmer T-300

Capable of handling your most demanding trimming needs, the Total Trimmer T-300 is the versatile work-horse trimmer you have been looking for. It is ideal for trimming difficult materials like PVC foam board and vinyl, as well as easily cutting common materials such as films and papers. In short it is at home cutting almost any flexible or rigid materials. The many special features and inexpensive cost make the Total Trimmer a great addition to your picture framing kit. Key features include:

  • Automatic safety blade release
  • Twist and Lock down blade - locks the blade in the down position prior to cutting
  • Rubber bar grip to hold material secure while 
  • Lifter bar holds the cutting bar 1/2" above the board for easy material loading and removal
  • Extra long 32" squaring arm - makes measuring and cutting faster and more accurate, can easily be removed to cut longer pieces in sections
  • Ergonomic cutting head is comfortable and safe for easier cutting
Total Trimmer: knob adjustment depth settingTotal Trimmer: Ergonomic Cutting HeadLogan Total Trimmer





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Tying The Knot

Learn how to knot the framing cordNo there aren’t any pigs flying! I know we’ve been promising our trainees for many months. At long last, Richard has eventually put together a Handy Hints sheet about how to tie the dreaded framing knot. Mind you, even with pictures and notes it might still leave you scratching your heads. It’s really not (oops) that easy making a complex sequence absolutely clear … but you can’t say we haven’t tried.

So if you have been on one of our many training sessions, or you just want a good way of tying a knot when stringing your frames, have a look at Handy Hints sheet: Stringing a Frame for Hanging. We have left the image files quite large so you can zoom in a bit closer on each one without getting too “pixelated”: as a result, be warned, the PDF size is 4mb. For a direct link click: The Knot

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New Year Draw

Win £100 New Year DrawWin £100

Here’s a chance to win a training voucher worth £100. Spend more than £100 (excluding VAT) at DIYframing, before the end of January 2010, and your name will be entered in a draw to win this great prize. The lucky winner will be able to use the voucher to save £100 off the cost of any training day running in 2010.


NB. DIYframing would require the chosen date to be agreed between themselves and the winner, with the understanding that a course may have to be rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances.


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Focus On Imaging: Early Warning

Focus On Imaging 2010

Focus On Imaging 2010 is slightly later this year: it runs at the NEC Birmingham from Sunday 7th until Wednesday 10th March. It is open from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm each day (Wednesday finish is at 5.00 pm)

If you enjoy photography, creating, printing or presenting images, then it’s an amazing show to visit. Whatever level you work at, you get to see and talk to some of the real experts in their profession. It has also become the biggest event in our show calendar and is a time when we aim to have just about all of the DIYframing staff on hand to offer advice about all aspects of picture framing, demonstrate kit and generally get to meet and greet people. To find out more, click FOCUS and follow the links to visit the show website.

Also keep an eye open on our site and in newsletters for any more information about offers, equipment launches etc that we may be running.

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Video Links

Links to Logan Product VideosA significant part of our equipment range is designed and made by American, home framing specialists, Logan Graphic. A greatly appreciated part of their sales packages is the DVD included with each of their tools. However, it is also useful to see how each one works when considering which bit of kit to buy: it gives you the chance to make a more considered comparison. To that end, we now have links to videos illustrating how each piece of Logan equipment works. Simply click on the link to open a video in a separate window. Based on the YouTube format, we hope that most customers will be able to use this new feature. For an example, use the link to our 301 mount cutter page from where you can go to the featured video link.

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Belfast Calling - Our Annual Jaunt To Ireland

Early Warning

Time flies! Already we are looking ahead to our next annual jaunts to Belfast. We give you advance notice, as earlier bookings mean we can firm up our plans sooner. The significant difference with these journeys is that we combine a trade show with a training weekend. The Stitch & Creative Arts Show – Belfast is Northern Ireland's premier exhibition covering all aspects of cross stitch, hand and machine knitting, sewing, and other stitch and creative crafts. Whatever art form you are involved with, this is a great chance for any of our Irish customers visit our stand. You will be able to see our kit, find out about doing your own picture framing and pick up materials and equipment without having to worry about postage costs.


The Crescent Townhouse Hotel, Belfast: Training Venue

Town House Hotel; venue for training sessions

Another feature of this particular package is that we have a van load of kit for sale at the show, which finishes on the Saturday. So, on the Sunday, we can offer direct sales to people attending day 2 of the training. Any exhibition discounts apply, you save postage and, more importantly, you get to take it away with you immediately.




The training dates are: (book early to avoid disappointment) For more detail click: Belfast Training

Belfast ShowExhibition details are: The Stitch & Creative Arts Show, Kings Hall, Belfast. Thursday 15th April – Saturday 17th April. For more detail click: Belfast Show


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Creative Design - New Projects in the Library

Look of original framed pieceJust before Christmas we held another open day. The seminar / demonstration on this occasion was all about ideas for creating a range of looks for one piece of artwork. Using a piece of cross stitch as an example we developed 3 distinctive framed versions, looking at how to accommodate practical requirements of the piece with a few clever mount cutting and decorative techniques. This resulted in some very different ways of presenting the piece and a chance to see how each of the moulding types worked with each of the mount versions: so 3 mouldings x 3 mount options = 9 possible outcomes. In fairness, there were really 3 designed looks, but because the mouldings were all built to the same glass size, we did a bit of a mix and match.


New Projects

Over the next few weeks, we will be running each of the 3 planned for designs as new projects in our framing library. If you are not into needlecraft, don’t be put off, because all of the skills described are equally relevant to all types of artwork. Also, the methods and techniques described can be combined in a wide variety of ways to produce your own particular look.

Framed Cross-Stitch

The piece we used for the demonstration was brought in by one of our regular customers. Its original frame was similar to the one illustrated here. It was presented in a fairly traditional way, although, only using a single mount, the sewn-in beads were pressed up against the glass. Also, the picture had been stuck around a piece of cardboard, with the corners of the fabric cut to avoid overlap on the back. As you will see from the project details, we were able to stretch and pin the piece before framing, hopefully ensuring a more stable system of support and less likelihood of future damage.


Modern Lines

The first method shown (Creative Design: Project 6a) combines clean-cut, modern lines with fine elements of rich colours used in the artwork. A dark wood moulding is in sympathy with the subject of the cross-stitch but has the depth and crisp edges to allow it to work with the trend for a more minimal interior design. Having a mainly white background draws attention to the artwork and the wide proportions of the borders give a lighter feel.


To see the project sheet click: Project Library and look for Project 6a Creative Design

Framed Cross-Stitch

Framed Cross-Stitch










Other Styles

Above are how the moulding styles used in the other projects looked with this “mount package”. We thought the black ash, square cut moulding(left) also works well. The moulding used in the last option is  a white, deep rebate moulding with bevel edge.

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