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Latest Framing Project - Bold With The Gold

Bold with The Gold

When we began stocking the full range of Arqadia mountboards it was exciting to see such a massive colour choice. With no difference in cost between whitecore and conservation boards it means that offering better protection for some artwork can become quite “main stream”. More intriguing were the different finishes: a wider range of black core boards and foil boards. And then there is the suedette. This has a sumptuous, rich quality and clearly lends itself to displaying items such as medals. However, for this project we wanted to bring out the bling and create a really warm, luxurious project, taking a simple print and giving it a massive makeover. The result is a new entry in our library: Bold with the Gold

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STAS Hanging System

Stas overviewWhether you are re-decorating / designing the interior of a new room at home or setting up an exhibition / display in a gallery, the STAS hanging system provides a versatile and attractive presentation solution. It’s easy to install and has so many options available there is bound to be something you would want to use. As well as being able to adjust arrangements of pieces to suit exactly, you can bring lighting to your work as and where you need it.

Grand Design

Having stocked STAS for some time, we recognise it may not always be easy to find your way through the range of products or discover how to install a system. To help with that we have produced 3 Handy Hints sheets:

  • 31) Hanging System Overview: provides information about the key components needed in any STAS system.
  • 32) Installing a Clip Rail System; a step by step guide providing an example of just how easy it is to install a STAS system.
  • 33) Hanging System Product Options: lists the range of STAS products available and what their functions are.

Please note to view these titles you will need to be a member and then view via the Handy Hints page.


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New Framing Kits

We are pleased to announce an exciting new initiative: a whole range of framing kits. The aim has been to provide a quick route to getting started with your own framing, whilst taking account of your budget, background and where you want to go with your projects. We have also been keen not to put in any unnecessary elements that you either have to ferret out or buy but never use. Part of the process has been the eight years of training people at all levels of framing: it does give us a true picture of what people need.


Everything You Need - Just 3 Steps

What we have come up with is a range of six framing equipment kits, Fixings and Hardware packs and framing “toolboxes” comprising of the more general workshop items we use with all framing. Now it should be possible to find something that will either give you everything you need all in one go or the chance to home in on just the main framing kit. Another feature is that for anyone training with us, we have linked kits with the training you may have undertaken.

For links to the kits, read the full article.

Home Workshop KitThe six framing kits are:


The Fixing & Hardware packs are available as:

The workshop tools packs are available as:



BIG BONUS: all kit purchases befit from amazing amounts of DIYframing vouchers to help with future purchases of materials etc. (up to £300.00)



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Rent A Workshop

Hire Worshop Time

For some time people have asked about (or suggested) the notion of using our training room to do their own framing.  Well we have listened and will be trialling our first session of workspace rental.  The system is simple.  You can hire a work space for an afternoon session (1.30 pm - 4.30 pm) for a discounted price of just £10 (+ vat)!!.  This gives you access to hand-tools, consumables and hardware (as used in our Basics of Framing training).  You buy the products you need from the store (mountboard, backing board, glass, moulding etc) and then complete as many or few projects as you feel able to fit in.  A member of staff will be available to advise, find materials and maintain kit PLUS there will be access to our basic training manuals and Handy Hints sheets as reminders. The only limit is that you must have trained with us on our Basics of Framing course and be able to cut mounts, mouldings etc for yourself. MORE>>

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Planning Sheet

Framing Planning SheetWe have been using a new version of our planning sheet during training sessions. It allows for planning the mount element in detail (also allows for double mounts) and provides space for planning and recording other aspects in a framing project. Whilst not the only way (or even the best) of recording what you do, people have found it useful ... and now you can download the PDF and see if it’s of any help to you. Planning Sheet

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Hidden Gems

Ready Reckoner for MouldingOver a sixth month period our web site was re-organised making it quicker and clearer to navigate. Within that process some of our hidden gems were highlighted and new ones created. Probably the most useful area is the Library & Resources area. You can quickly find what you are looking for, using a variety of intuitive ways in.  A couple of items worth bringing to your attention though are our moulding ready reckoner and glazing products price / discount list. The ready reckoner provides a very quick way to determine how much moulding you need for a particular project, working alongside or in place of our handy hints sheet (Choosing Style of moulding for a Frame).


Glass at Competitive PricesGlass - A Cunning Plan

Then have a look at our Glazing Materials Sheet. Whilst we can’t send glass through the post, as well as the local trade, we are now having people order in advance and then arrange to collect when passing. Because so many of us are travelling around the motorways for work or pleasure, with a bit of cunning planning it may be possible for you to take advantage of our competitive prices and specialist product range.

The ready reckoner is also featured as new Handy Hints Info Sheets.


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Natural Wood Mouldings: Extend Your Range

Flat Profile natural moulding (with finish)Natural wood mouldings offer the home framer / bespoke framer some really exciting possibilities:

  • Economy: you can use simpler tools ensuring finished corners are perfect ‘by hand’ ( filler & sanding )
  • Economy: variety of finishes – it’s incredibly easy to add your own finishes so there may be less waste as you can use the same moulding for several different looks (order in bulk)
  • Bespoke Style: either for yourself or for a customer it’s simple to achieve unique finishes providing a look specifically geared to the project you are working on.
  • Framing Ability / Quality: done well, hand finished frames speak volumes for your framing skills. It implies an ability to design and undertake more complex work and a real interest in how artwork can be displayed to great effect.


Creative Styles

Natural Wood Moulding with Ragged FinishWe supply a good range of natural wood mouldings: there is a free to download PDF of each range moulding we can supply. Have a look at the Natural Wood profiles we have available. When designing a hand finished frame, bear in mind a few general pointers:

- timber type; obeche provides an ideal surface for all colouring agents. The grain absorbs colour well providing the medium is not too thick (artists acrylics; liberon wood dyes; stains)

- flat profiles provide a good surface for either paint effects or flat colour;

- narrow furrows on some profiles allow paints and coloured waxes to provide lines of more intense colour;

- mouldings with clearly defined flat areas can be masked to allow paint effect features to be applied

- ridges and ornate sight lines can be picked out in gilt cream.


Natural Wood Moulding with Black Stain & Gilt Cream FinishIf you are interested in trying this for yourself, have a look at the range of finishing products we have available or find out more about our Adding Decorative Effects to Frames courses that we run through the year. Last chance for 2011 (currently) is in Salisbury, 5th September - there’s more to it than just stain and wax.


Of course if you want finishes to be simple you can keep it black and white: Finished Framing? is an article that was published on our site in June 2007.

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New Compact Cutters by Logan

Compact ClassicThe Logan 301 Compact Mount Cutter is dead: long live the Logan Compact Mount Cutter!

A bit over the top? What Logan have done is pretty clever. The traditional Logan Compact has been re-named the Compact Classic. The price remains low and includes just about all of the previous system’s features: it has replaced the straight edge cutter with a craft knife, but in the current climate, it has enable that competitive price to be maintained. BUT the really clever addition is the new Logan 350-1 Compact Elite mount cutting system.

Compact EliteSpecial Launch Price

Here they have kept the same dimensions, ensuring it lives up to the Compact name, but the extras provide exceptional value for money. One of the best additions is the hinged cutting rail, making working with larger pieces so much easier. The straight edge cutter is back but in a much improved design and there is a new, built-in squaring bar for holding mount board square.

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Fine Art Trade Guild: Points of Information

GCF Study Guide

An increasing number of you are now aiming to sit the Fine Art Trade Guild, GCF exam. At DIYframing we recently received information being sent to all involved with FATG accredited training. We can provide a summary of points in order to help with any preparations you may be making.

  1. On the Conservation submitted piece if a V-groove is chosen this should be joined on the back with conservation white gummed paper tape. Since V-grooves are invariably close to the aperture this tape will probably be in contact with the artwork and self-adhesive tapes may leach adhesive at the edges.
  2. Candidates should follow the requirements to the letter, as if following instructions from an employer or customer. So on the Conservation submitted piece a single windowmount is required with lines or a V-groove – a double windowmount is not required and will be marked down. If choosing to draw lines, two lines all round are required – additional lines or panels will be marked down.
  3. Artwork should never be attached to the back of a windowmount: it must always be attached / supported on an undermount or other appropriate system. It is vital to use the FATG study guide as the definitive standard for GCF work.


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Master Classes - Be Inspired

David Wilkie, October Master ClassesEach year we have helped hundreds of people to make a start with framing their own work. We show you the basic skills involved in good quality picture framing. Many return to try some of the more specific framing projects through our wider range of courses. However, having the skills is one thing, but knowing the full range of what you can do with them is another. Books and information sheets are great, but there are not many of them around. Also, writing this as someone who constantly tries to put methods of framing (even the simplest of ideas) into print without ambiguity, I know how uninspiring they end up sounding.


What makes a massive difference is seeing somebody in action; someone who thrives on creating imaginative designs as part of their everyday gallery work. David Wilkie GCF has run Master Classes for us in the past and is returning to lead another session in 2011. This year David is the WINNER of the Fine Art Trade GUILD FRAMING CHALLENGE award (winning entry seen below, right): that’s 7 FATG awards in total!


David Wilkie, October Master ClassesBasic Skills, Imaginative Design

Don’t be put off by the Master Class title: David has the knack of putting across ideas clearly and in ways that you know you can replicate. The real impact is that he shows you what a wide variety of styles and designs you can create just by using basic skills in imaginative ways. Anybody who has used even the simplest of mount cutters will definitely come away with a “shed load” (or workshop load) of ideas to try out. Basically, if you want to learn how to make your framing the very best (and most creative) it can be, all you need to do is sign up to our Master Classes. By the end of two days three changes will occur:

  • you will know how to do some very clever things to impress customers and friends,
  • you will be able to combine ideas to come up with unique designs / projects of your own
  • you can look at photos in framing books and begin to work out “how they did it”.


How much more of a recommendation do you need to find out more about Master Classes with David Wilkie GCF?

Book both days and save £45.00

PS. David will also be leading a seminar: Colour and Design in Framing, at the next FATG Branch Meeting, 14th July Reigate Manor Hotel Reigate, just off the M25 J8. Non members welcome.


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Slips & Fillets - New Handy Hints Sheets

Handy Hints - Slips & FilletsWe seem to have had a few inquiries asking about slips, fillets and how they are used. As this area seemed to be generating a bit of interest, we decided to devise a new Handy Hints Sheet.

Slips and Fillets are fine, separate moulding elements used in picture framing, performing either a decorative / practical element (or both).

SLIPS are usually a flat piece of wood or plastic with no rebate. They “slip” under the rebate lip of the main picture frame to offer a decorative edge and / or to extend the inner edge of a frame behind which the mounted artwork or canvas block sits.

FILLETS are fine, decorative mouldings with a raised “sight edge” and flat lip behind. They sit inside the aperture of a mount providing a decorative lining and increasing the depth that artwork is held away from the glass

Why not have a look? - Slips & Fillets: Purpose & Applications


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2 Special Offers

Special Offer Aluminium RuleThe A1 “self-healing” cutting mat provides the ideal surface on which to cut paper, card etc: the gel core of the mat allows cuts with craft knives through the surface to close. Its size also makes a great “clean” surface on which to assemble framing projects. And at our SPECIAL OFFER of just £15.00, they provide great value for money. For more detail click A1 Cutting Mat.


Our second special offer is on our stock of 40 cm (16”) aluminium rules.  At just £10.00 (inc. vat) they offer versatility and great quality at this incredibly competitive price. For more detail click Aluminium Rule

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New UnderPinners - Great Prices

New Inmes IM 3 UnderpinnerNot so long ago we featured an addition to our underpinner stable: the Alfa 2M (with supports). We now stock two further machines. These two underpinners, from Inmes, combine exceptional value for money with the features you would expect entering the world of professional framing kit.

For more information see: Inmes IM-2; Inmes IM-3


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Extra Course for Salisbury

Sometimes there just isn't the course you want, where you want it!  Well DIY Framing and the UK School of Framing have had a link on the website for ages to 'request a course' and as long as we have the staff and are able to get enough people booked on it we can schedule extras, like this one in Salisbury (Course info)

Read more about the process

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Changes to our Mount Board Range.

We have been informed that some of the colours of mount board supplied by Britannia will soon be discontinued.  However we are pretty confident that for most of our customers it will not make a difference...

Posted on: 17 Jan 2011@17:32:05, updated on: 17 Jan 2011@17:32:05.


Canvassing Opinion

We have frequent requests for information about framing canvases, particularly asking for product advice and where techniques differ from standard projects.  As with many aspects of framing, once you are told everything falls snugly into place (hopefully both figuratively and literally).  In some ways, however the anxieties are well placed, because amongst the “tricks of the trade” there are quite a few skills, materials and equipment specifically linked with canvas work (and heavier weight needlework).

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A Little Goes A Long Way

On occasions, creating impact is about keeping things simple: clean lines and a neutral colour palette to allow the artwork to take centre stage.  But, keeping it simple does not have to mean making things bland. 

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