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New Moulding; Big Hit

New Moulding Range SuccessOur new, extended range of moulding styles has certainly been a great success.  We had a lot of positive feedback at our Open Day, in November, about the new stock and this has continued from many of you placing on-line orders and from phone conversations.  The full range is now available for viewing as easily downloadable PDFs: one for each style plus a separate price list.  These can be accessed under each of the moulding category pages, or by choosing from the list in the right hand column on the (general) mouldings page

All mouldings can be bought according to meterage required for a project, as part of our Chop Service or, for greater savings, look into our options for “buying by the pack”

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Bespoke, 1:1 Training Days

1 to 1 Bespoke, Training DaysIf you find it difficult to make weekend training sessions around the UK, or you need to focus your efforts in a specific field, it may be worth considering a bespoke 1:1 training day.  We have worked with artists needing to frame particular types of work in specific ways, people wanting to make a start with learning to frame, before moving abroad, and even made a “workshop visit” to Cornwall, helping a customer familiarise themselves with their newly purchased “Pro Kit”.


Very recently, we helped somebody, new to framing, make a start on producing a highly creative look to their textile and mixed media pieces of work.  And it was a great success all round.  Why not contact us and see if we can support you?

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New: Metal effect Paints / STAS Picture Hits

Liberon Metal Effect PaintsWe now have in stock Liberon Metallic Effect Paints.  These are water based, quick drying paints, providing an alternative way to give picture frames a decorative finish. We currently stock 4 shades, each available in 250 ml pots: copper; yellow gold; antique bronze; cast iron.  Shades can be intermixed. View: Metallic Effect Paints



STAS Picture HitsAlso new in store is the latest idea from STAS hanging systems. STAS Picture Hits provide a flexible and convenient suspension system for hanging papers, memos, photos, maps, etc. In just a few steps, you can create a unique photo wall. STAS picture hits are ideal for use in schools, shops, (estate agents’) offices and, of course, your own living room.  VIEW STAS Picture Hits

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Latest Framing Projects

As part of our November Open Day we ran two seminars.  The attendance was great and people were really keen to get going with what we demonstrated.  We made the rash promise that we would back these up with documented guidance and support.  So here it is!  There is a series of 3 projects (12a – 12c), new to our library catalogue and 2 more that are based on ideas covered by existing projects or Handy Hints Sheets.


One thing they all have in common is that they are not technically difficult, but do look really good.  This means you could easily impress friends & customers (and possibly yourself!) even if you are very new to framing. 


Do bear in mind that the links used here may only work if you are registered as a DIYframing member.  It is a free service and entitles you to access several features. 


Parrot Double MountDouble Mount in Red: anybody who has been on our Mount Cutting & Decoration training could have a go at this.  The Football Red (Arqadia mount) along with the Alabaster outer mount (also Arqadia), provides a dynamic look without overpowering the artwork (a greetings card).  Finished off with a Red, Flat moulding (M7017CD) from the coloured mouldings range.


Spaced MountThis piece, featuring a sketch (another card) of a ram’s head, illustrates how adding depth can really make you feel you are peering in at something.  It also shows how well a fine red layer can make a real statement without detracting from black and white images.  The mount boards used were, once again, Arqadia boards: Alabaster and Football Red.  The moulding is an old favourite: Silver Leaf Hockey (M1002DR).  The project follows almost identical lines to those outlined in our very first Framing project: Shadows & Depth


Deep Bevel FrameThis is another project that anybody, who has completed our basic mount cutting training can easily do.  It features a deep bevel mount using black mat decoration tape.  Alabaster (Arqadia mount) provides the main surround with a new, highly textured moulding, from our BLACK range: Wenge Flat M8058BK.  If you can’t find your notes about making a deep bevel mount, have a look at HH Sheet 6: Creating Deep Bevel Mounts Using 5 mm Foam Core.


Inlay MountAdding an inlay mount is featured in the first of our new Simply Styled Projects.  It is the first of the series and shows how you can add a decorative feature edge to a mount even where the rebate depth is shallow.  It features another of our new mouldings: Gold Leaf Scoop (M6046GD).  To see how this project works view Project 12a


V Groove MountThe second in the series again features a method of adding interest to a single mount.  The stylish silver moulding used here , Silver Leaf, Cushion (M2045SR), has clear lines in its profile, which the v-groove picks up in the mount.  Using V-grooves in textured, white / cream boards adds a subtle effect.  The only down side is that it is difficult to show in photos of the finished article.  To see how this project works view Project 12b


Egyptian PapyrusAnd finally … a framed, hand painted Egyptian papyrus.  This is a cleaner cut, simpler version of the project already featured in our project library.  Here we use a triple mount with spacers and pass through hinges to “float mount” the papyrus.  In fact it is a simple project with no fancy mount cuts need.  The real impact comes from the colour choices in the mounts combined with another, elegant new moulding: Gold/silver Leaf Cushion (M6047GD).  To see how this project works view Project 12c

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Come and join us for a Big Reunion Open Day


Open Day

DIYframing, at the All About Framing Store

2nd November, 10 am – 2 pm, in High Wycombe

There will be great savings on a range of stock and ex gallery mouldings;

  • Special offers on a range of framing equipment & accessories
  • Demonstrations of full range of kit and
  • FREE picture framing seminars
  • slide shows 
  • tours of a fully functioning commercial framing facility, 
  • guidance from expert Mark Griffiths on how to service and maintain your own kit


The Big Reunion

DIYFraming Past Students

Diyframing is 10 years old and there are lots of stories to share about what we've achieved in our first decade. To do this we have arranged a Big Reunion and Open day and have invited students, past and present, to come and see the changes that we have experienced over the past decade.

There will be FREE picture framing seminars, slide shows, tours of a fully functioning, commercial framing facility, demonstrations of full range of kit, special offers on a range of framing equipment & accessories and there will be great savings and a sale on a range of stock and ex gallery mouldings.

We will also have a photo gallery of our progress, from the garden shed to our new HQ, with a few photos of people on our courses going back as far back as 2003.  If you can't make the Open Day see if you can spot yourself on the photo albums being published on our Facebook Page.


Bargains Galore

Open Day BargainsThere are many good reasons to pay us a visit on 2nd November: not least the various bargains we will have in our store.  

  • special offers on a range of framing equipment & accessories 
  • great savings on mouldings 
  • sale on a range of stock and ex gallery mouldings.
Plus you have a chance to tour the whole warehouse and see the increasing range of mouldings we now have in stock.  And, don't forget our existing range has had the prices slashed.  When all stock is in place there will be around 300 styles to choose from: also available using our Chop Service.



Free Open Day Seminars at DIY FramingIf that isn't enough reason to be heading for High Wycombe, why not sign up for  our two, free Open Day seminars?  There's something for everyone here.

Session 1 10.30 - 11.30 am Framing From Scratch: ideal for anyone just starting out or those wanting a few little tricks of the trade.  We demonstrate the whole process, from planning to hanging: a print with double mount, framed (pre-finished moulding) using simple hand tools. 

Session 2 12.30 - 1.30 pm Choice Framing: you know the basic techniques of framing & mount cutting, but what else can you do to make your framing stand out … without over-complicating things? We explore choosing mouldings - how colours and profiles can impact on projects. THEN 5 cutting / mount techniques used to match practical requirements of the moulding withg the aesthetic demands of the artwork. More Detail: view Open Day Seminar flyer (PDF): Framing Choices or view the news item

Whilst these sessions are free, places are limited.  To avoid disappointment please reserve places (asap), in advance, using email contact:

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Open Day - FREE Seminars

There's omething for everyone over our two, free Open Day seminars.  If you are a framing novice or just want a quick reminder of a few, core, framing techniques, the morning session is ideal.  Then, in the afternoon, see some of the new mouldings we have in stock and discover how they can be used, with the right sort of mount, to show your artwork off at its best. 


Session 1 (10.30am - 11.30 am) Framing From Scratch: ideal for anyone just starting out or those wanting a few little tricks of the trade.


We demonstrate the whole process, from planning to hanging: a print with double mount, framed (pre-finished moulding) using simple hand tools.

  • planning and cutting a double (hinge) mount
  • cutting and trimming moulding lengths
  • joining the moulding
  • cutting glass and backing
  • assembling and finishing ready for hanging


Session 2 (12.30 pm - 1.30 pm) Choice Framing: you know the basic techniques of framing & mount cutting, but what else can you do to make your framing stand out … without over-complicating things?


This session offers demos and ideas of how making dynamic (but simple) choices to combine mount cutting with stylish mouldings can really make artwork “show off”.

  • choosing mouldings - what colours and profiles offer

 THEN 5 cutting / mount techniques used to match practical requirements of the moulding and the aesthetic demands of the artwork

  • inlay mount (for shallow rebate)
  • v-groove (for shallow rebate)
  • layered mount (medium to deep rebate) - three layers with varying spacing
  • deep bevel mount (deeper rebate)
  • float mount  (deeper rebate) – how to “float mount” artwork (using pass-through hinges) behind a spaced mount


Whilst these sessions are free, places are limited.  To avoid disappointment please reserve places (asap), in advance, using email contact:

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Great Value - Short Length Moulding Packs

Short Length Moulding Packs Still on the theme of mouldings, we have re-started our Short Length special offer packs. You can buy 10 bundles of “end length” mouldings for just £30 (inc vat).  Each bundle will have 4 varying lengths (enough to build a frame) of moulding from our own current stock and some from gallery offcuts.  It’s a great way to experiment with different styles and possibly work with moulding you wouldn’t have seen before.  We are told there have been quite a few “happy accidents”.  You can find this offer in our Bargain Basement – Short Length Packs.

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More Choice, Better Price

Changes in our Moulding Stock

New Range of MouldingWe can now release some really exciting news about our mouldings: not only is our current range cheaper, we will be extending it to include over 120 more profiles / styles.


For the first time since we started trading 10 years ago, we have decided to expand, significantly, our range of picture framing mouldings.  As before, each one has been selected with DIYframing customers in mind, taking account of the framing kit we stock and the type of framing being asked for at the Sunflower Gallery Outlets.  The end result is an exciting range of styles and finishes that reflect current tastes, still cater for the design classics and suit any type of workshop. Our new storage racks are in place and deliveries awaited.


New Moulding StorageTo see the complete range of choice to be offered, have a look at the PDF pages (right column) of the DIYframing Mouldings Store page or pick the downloadable catalogue page featured on specific moulding style pages. As stock arrives it will then become “visible” in the View Moulding section and in drop down lists.


And, because we are now buying more, we have attracted more competitive pricing from our suppliers.  This means we have been able to pass that on to you, by reducing the prices on our existing range.

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Job Vacancy @ April Print

April Print Job VacancyGeneral Production Role Vacancy with Frame making / canvas stretching skills.

Innovative wall art company Illuminated Canvas have a vacancy for a hard working General Production Assistant. 

The role will include being an integral part of the whole process of making an Illuminated Canvas. We are a busy small business which sells online, in shops and Internationally. Some experience in picture  / canvas frame making would be preferable but you you will be trained with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Shiraz RIP and Epson 9800 inkjet printer, stretching canvas as well as general frame making and overall production of the Illuminated Canvases. You will also be tasked with managing orders, some customers liaising and managing the posting / dispatch of orders.

Pay is negotiable but hours will need to be a minimum of 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

The role is based in Great Milton, OX44 so own transport is essential and the contract is for 6 months initially.

Start date ASAP for the right applicant. We are looking for an applicant who can work confidently and autonomously after the initial training period and someone who will be happy to work on their own for the majority of the time. (There is one other employee in the business who works shorter hours) The right applicant will display an attention to detail and an artistic eye as each product must be finished to a high standard. In return we off you a fantastic opportunity to be part of and grow with  "a new to market product" success and increased responsibility and input in design and production. 

For all inquiries / replies contact:

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Congratulations to Graham Heron

Graham Heron ArtistArtist Graham Heron’s work has been selected for the Draw 13 exhibition, which is the Annual Open Exhibition of the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA).  The SGFA is the only national art society dedicated exclusively to drawing. This year’s exhibition attracted submissions from artists across the UK and Europe.  Only 219 works of art, by both members and non-members, made the final selection.

Everyone at DIYframing is especially delighted for Graham’s outstanding achievement.  Not only is he an artist local to our High Wycombe store, he has trained with us on our Art & Photography Framing Weekend courses and is a regular customer at DIYframing.

Graham Heron, ArtistGraham was born in Bristol, moved to High Wycombe in 1950. After leaving school, where he excelled in art, he chose an apprenticeship in architectural interiors and design in London. He then won a scholarship to study art and design at Wycombe College and has worked all over the world. Now retired, he devotes his time to his love of painting - specialising in watercolours and pencil drawings. He likes to paint winter and mountain landscapes and loves to capture nature’s moods to dramatic and atmospheric effect. His pencil work is detailed and his subjects vary from wildlife to landscapes and portraits. Graham was an exhibitor, as part of the Visual Images Group, this summer at the Bucks Open Studio Festival.

Wild LandscapeFor more information about the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA) visit their website:

If you would like to visit The Draw 13 Exhibition, details are:

DRAW 13 Exhibition, 30th September – 12th October 2013, Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU

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New Dates - Masterclass Weekend in October

Why not take your mount cutting to the highest level?  David Wilkie (GCF) will be sharing his expertise and exceptional repertoire of practical skills during our Mount Cutting Master Class weekend in October 2013. (click for details of the course)

David WilkieDavid is one of the foremost, bespoke framers in the UK, winning, outright, seven Fine Art Trade Guild competitions. He has also been a finalist on eighteen occasions: no other framer has come close to that.

Make Your Framing the Very Best

Don’t be put off by the Master Class title: David has the knack of putting across ideas clearly and in ways that you know you can replicate. The real impact is that he shows you what a wide variety of styles and designs you can create just by using basic skills in imaginative ways. Anybody who has used even the simplest of mount cutters will definitely come away with a “shed load” (or workshop load) of ideas to try out. Basically, if you want to learn how to make your framing the very best (and most creative) it can be, all you need to do is sign up to our Master Classes.

By the end of two days three changes will occur:

  • you will know how to do some very clever things to impress customers and friends,
  • you will be able to combine ideas to come up with unique designs / projects of your own
  • you can look at photos in framing books and begin to work out “how they did it”.


Master Class Day 1

The weekend follows a slightly different theme each day

12th October - Mounting Passions:  create amazing designs with your mount cutting and use colours to create stunning effects.  Demonstrations and activities include: creating colour lines and fills; working with fillets; adding colour to plain mounts and bevelled edges.




Master Class Day213th October - Finest Cuts:  add depth and a sculpted look to your framing by using a range of mount cutting techniques. Demonstrations and activities include: creating inlays; sculpted effects; cutting v-grooves; working with fillets and spacers.


Exclusive price for the two days

Only £300 + VAT
To book single days, contact DIYframing for details:

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Featured Moulding

Black Wenge MouldingBack On My Black List

(by Richard Buttle, Lead Trainer DIYframing)

I was just heading out to greet an arriving student on one of our training courses, when I spotted somebody looking at a black moulding I hadn’t seen before. It was being used against photography already mounted in a black mountboard and looked amazing. The moulding in question was from the black range (although described as wenge) and has a lot of rough hewn character, giving it a really dramatic impact and a “scoop” profile that draws your eyes right into the image. In fact it had been unavailable for a while, but is now back in stock with the profile available in three different widths.

 As a framer I’m being asked to use quite ornate natural mouldings and add a straight black or white finish to them: not sure whether this is a new trend or coincidence. I’ll certainly be showing this off to customers as it has more impact than a plain finish, and it could be more cost effective (time-saving).  See what you think: click Black Mouldings and view M8014BK; M8015BK; M8016BK 

Lime Wood Moulding

New to DIYframing

With ramin wood mouldings now running out, companies have looked at alternative, farmed timbers to provide similar replacements. We now stock two new, lime wood, natural mouldings from Arqadia, to replace a pair of our more popular ramin profiles.

The first is a natural, flat moulding (M4036NW) at £4.26 per m (includes vat) - replacing M4024NW: the second is a natural, cushion profile (M4037NW) at £4.74 per m (includes vat) – replacing M4018NW. Both are now featured on the new Prices PDF and on the Natural Wood Mouldings PDF.

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Into the Forties - 2 New Handy Hints Sheets

Handy Hints 40Products For Fine Tuning & Touching Up Frames

The quality of your framing is only as good as its finished appearance when hanging on a wall. No matter how carefully you work, there will be times where hair line cracks remain in joins, slight scratches appear after building, miss matches in corner finishes and, especially with more ornate mouldings, the delicate finishes chip off on the back edge of joins. HOWEVER, the good news is there is a range of specialised products to help you get the finish just right.

Find out more about available products and their uses by downloading our new handy hints sheet: 40 Products for Fine Tuning & Touching Up Frames

Handy Hints 41Frame Finishing Products & Their Uses

When working with natural wood mouldings it is easy to add your own finish, creating exactly the look you want. One simple, fool proof system is to follow these 5 steps:

1. Make the frame(fill & fix any defects)*

2. Prepare the surface (sand & bronze brush)

3. Colour the frame (or leave natural and skip to pt 5)

4. Add detail / embellishments

5. Add a final finish (wax, oil or varnish)

*Where crisp finishes in corners are preferred it is better to follow points 2-4 on a moulding length, before making the frame.

Find out more about available products and their uses by downloading our new handy hints sheet: 41 Frame Finishing Products & Their Uses

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Pop Up Shop - Stourbridge On Sea (Case Study)

Kevin StreetIt doesn’t always happen that we (DIYframing) have such a speedy effect on people’s plans. From Kevin Street signing up for a framing weekend with Linnette in the middle of February 2013, through finalising a deal for a 2 month contract on a "pop-up" shop (Stourbridge on Sea) in March, to its opening in early May, must be a record for any of our customers.

Of course it could all have fallen apart at the first hurdle, but, having completed his 2 day training Kevin was really spurred on by the realisation that he could, indeed, “do framing.” Whilst High Wycombe is not on Kevin’s doorstep, he found the training there, plus the chance to take direct advice on kit and see what various items could offer, to be exactly what he needed.

“With the equipment I bought, the process was enjoyable (I am especially thankful I finally went for the Inmes 3 underpinner - anything less would have driven me to distraction!)...and ... “Thank you to all at DIY Framing, who helped and advised - and please pass on my gratitude to Linnette for her confidence boosting tuition!”

Read the Full Article

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We've Got It All Upstairs

New Training RoomAnybody visiting the High Wycombe store / warehouse will have noticed a few changes underway. We have really tried to reduce the inconvenience to customers to a bare minimum, and hope it has not caused you massive problems finding what you are after. SO what are we up to? We decided to make better use of our mezzanine floor, which used to be an exhibition space, but in fact it was rarely used. However, it has meant that we have been able to establish our training room in its place, providing a brighter, more open and more flexible workspace with the bonus of a large, enclosed store behind. Although early days yet, initial feedback from trainers and students has been very positive.


It has also meant that we can bring, under one roof, all of the frame making for Sunflower Galleries. So we now have the frame construction and assembly work shops where the classroom and Britannia mountboard bays use to live and an extended kitchen area. Whilst not all of it is up and running yet, do have a look on your next visit.

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Focus Follow Up

Focus On ImagingWhat a brilliant time we had at Focus on Imaging 2013. We were busy right from the opening bell through to packing up on the last day. We met so many new customers, interested in starting to mount their own work with a view to taking on the framing. Of course we also thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with so many of you who have trained with us and set up and stocked your framing work spaces. We genuinely enjoy hearing what people have been up to.


The STAS hanging system generated a lot of interest as did the framed pieces displayed there: later in the year we will be revisiting the ideas shown there in one of our free Open Day Seminars. But, as always, the mount cutters stole the show along with some of the add-ons: foam cutters for deep bevel mounts, mat decoration tape and the Freestyle Mount Cutter (Groovy Mouse) – we sold out!


So a big thank you to all, who stopped for a chat, asked questions and (of course) bought from us, making it a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile few days.

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Send Us Your STAS Shots (Please)

STAS System at Pound Barn GalleryAs mentioned earlier, STAS Gallery Hanging systems have become a really popular feature of what DIYframing can supply. In fact we have become one of the leading stockists for STAS, substantially increasing our in-store stock over the last months. We know of several exhibitors, galleries, artists and photographers using a STAS system, but although we send it out we don’t get to see the fruits of your labours.

So we are asking anybody, who has installed a STAS hanging system, to send in some pics. We would love any shots, so we can show them on our facebook page, plus we aim to pass them on to STAS in the Netherlands: they enjoy seeing what you create with their products.

Please attach any images (200 dpi and 1000 pixels longer dimension) to emails for

 Many thanks, in advance, for your help.

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DIYframing Working with Photo Clubs: FOCUS Feature

Working with Photo ClubsFocus on Imaging 2013 will be the first time that DIYframing is offering its expertise to Photography / Camera clubs as a clear package.  In the past, it has been an informal arrangement that has worked out reasonably well and been relatively successful.

But at Focus 2011, a chance conversation provided the catalyst for devising a specific package of information and demonstration about picture framing, to suit the time scale, venue and membership of a “typical” camera club. The company decided to use this as a model for two more sessions, this time at their All About Framing HQ in High Wycombe. All of these were incredibly well received and continue to provide DIYframing with some highly useful contacts within the photographic community.

Rather than leave things to chance, DIYframing is officially launching this service by inviting members of camera clubs or photographic societies (committee or general membership) to take time to visit their stand. They can provide you with some information for your group and you can register an interest in a visit from DIYframing.

The core of what is on offer is an evening about “The Art of Presenting Photography”. The focus is mainly about using mounts to display images to their best effect: a typical programme will cover:


  • Presenting PhotographyMount design, proportion and planning: competition / exhibition demands; image shape & proportion; mount proportions; making a Hinge Mount System; mount board options – textured whites / creams, black core, extra thick board etc
  • Working with mount colours and cutting styles: making a double mount; layers & shadows; making a deep bevel mount
  • Clean Design: working with a variety of moulding profiles and “finishes”, combined with varying mount cutting techniques to provide distinctive framing.


All of this fits into a typical 2 hour club night with, of course, the vital break for coffee midway!

There’s a whole suite of other content that can be tailored to suit, such as practical demonstrations of picture framing, the kit needed and what it does.

In just 14 months, there have been 8 further sessions for clubs all around the UK, from Northampton to Andover. For those near enough to the main centre at High Wycombe, there is the added bonus of being able to stay after hours for a look around the showroom and a few bargain buys.

In making this an official “training package”, DIYframing is confident that there will be a strong uptake: make sure your club gets a look in on stand Q15

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Celebrating 10 Years


Sunflower Framing

From a 1 bedroom flat above the first Sunflower Framing in Beaconsfield, to a large trading warehouse on the Cressex Business Park in High Wycombe, the journey DIYframing has taken has been very exciting.  The product store consisted of shelving in the bathroom, Judy Robertson (Operations Director) worked out of the kitchen, Duncan McDonald (CEO) had one of the bedrooms and the packaging distributions department was the “living room”. 

First Training SpaceWhen the training first started, the Sunflower Gallery workshop had to be cleared to allow 3 or 4 people to work in various nooks and crannies around the studio, before putting everything back, ready for trading on the Monday.  Compare that with the dedicated training room we had over at Woodlands Farm, where we first received accreditation for our courses from the Fine Art Trade Guild and then the award for Innovation In Framing 2010.  Now of course, we have even better facilities with the training room in our new, High Wycombe warehouse / store.

In our 10th year of trading there will be a whole range of events, promotions and offers to help us celebrate an exciting decade in framing: one in which we have opened up the possi
bilities of doing your own picture framing to, literally, thousands of you.

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Bespoke Projects

Sewing In A Sports ShirtYou want to frame a signed football shirt but did you know:

  1. To stop the shirt sagging when attached it needs a support panel inside;

  2. How you stage the look of the shirt needs to be planned at the outset as it will affect the dimensions of the frame you build;

  3. Sewing the shirt onto the presentation mount board, whilst a little more involved, provides the best way of keeping the shirt undamaged and easy to release.


The art of framing sports shirts (or any clothing) is a great skill to have. Done well it is both rewarding and financially worthwhile. To learn more and walk away with you own framed sports shirt: February 19th, Framing Sports Shirts. Booking now.



Canvasses In FramesThere are 3 main ways of framing / presenting and hanging art on stretched canvas:

  1. A gallery wrap - no frame so the image either bleeds around the edges of the canvas block or the edges are left white (or coloured black);

  2. Showing the piece in a tray frame, where the edges are masked by the surrounding moulding;

  3. Traditional framing, where the canvas sits behind the rebate of the frame moulding.


In each case there is a number of underlying skills required. Especially where you need to stretch and attach a piece of artwork / photo print (on canvas) onto stretcher bars: the corners are often what people are most concerned about. But, this type of work is exactly what many of you will be asked to do: February 18th, Stretching & Framing Canvas Art. Booking now.

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Focus On Imaging

Focus On ImagingNow is a good time to remind you that Focus on Imaging 2013 takes place from 3rd – 6th March 2013 at the NEC Birmingham.  Our stand will be Q15.  Our “focus” for the show is all about presentation, using mount cutting to great effect, along with providing the support and training to help you improve or become even more creative.  Keep a look out on the Focus on Imaging news pages, our own newsletters, Facebook and Twitter for updates on promotions, offers and what to expect in March.

For more information: DIYframing @Focus.

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Big Business

Business Week, 3D (Box) FramingAlthough DIYframing has been going for 10 years, the picture framing business started earlier and from even humbler beginnings: a garden shed. For many of us, that is exactly where the first steps in the picture framing business take place. There are many practical questions that need resolving:

  • How much should I charge?
  • Where can I buy materials?
  • What do I need in my workshop?
  • How do I bring orders in? And even
  • How do I frame a piece of crochet? ... or a baby’s bootee, a football programme?

In 2008, we ran a series of articles about starting up your own framing business: over the next few months we will be giving you a link to those pieces.  The first one is : What is A Pro Framer?

A tried and tested way of coming to grips with all of this is our Business Development Week. The programme offers practical guidance on how to organise, plan and develop a framing business, plus the essential skills in a range of framing projects. Book the whole course at a well discounted price, or develop your ideas, over time, by signing up to the individual days you need.


Feedback from our November BDW was very good: one student (Derek Ratford) commented,

" the course was the best course I have ever attended and would recommend the course to anyone starting a framing business. Linnette Bell was a really good teacher and Richard Buttle was excellent – I learnt so much."

Have a look at: Business Development Week. And for those having completed our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration Weekends, why not see the discounts on our Business Development, "Beyond the Basics" training.

By booking either a 7 day or 5 day package you can save £207.00

If you do wish to take part in some, or all of the sessions please book early as places will go quite quickly for the March week.

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