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Christmas Open Day: Saturday 5th December

Opening times: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm  Entry is free.

We know it is going to be a brilliant day - just look at what's there!  To see the detail behind the bullet points check the NEWS articles for latest updates.

Special features include:

Christmas Open Day

- Sales showroom - open with some great discounts

- Bargains and clearance sales –

- Special offer mouldings

- Demonstrations of equipment 


Look out for more details on the website over the next few weeks. 


In addition there will be two, FREE, Seminars.

One Day Seminar1) Back of the Frame - 10.30 am – 11.30 pm: All about working with deep rebate mouldings, where you want the artwork at the back of a “box style frame”

2) Colouring Up- 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm: If the mount board colour and core don’t work for you, here’s some DIY tips to help.

For more detail about the seminars and the Open Day, view this PDF Flyer

Places on seminars are limited and do need to be reserved in advance.  To be sure of your place(s) contact to book your seats.

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Christmas Timings: Last Orders / Store Closures

To help plan your orders here is an early notice of Christmas / New Year timings

Last Orders

We will do our utmost to dispatch UK Mainland orders in time for Christmas, if your order is placed on or before 6.00 pm 21st December 2015. 

It is vital that someone will be available to receive the goods at the delivery address you specify on the delivery date: please allow a couple of extra days if your delivery address is highlands or islands.  

We cannot guarantee small items sent by post (£3.50 plus vat for carriage) will arrive in time for Christmas, so please give us a call if you have a small order, which is particularly urgent. If there is a problem with stock availability we will call you.

Store Opening / Closures

Good news - we will be open on 19th December from 10.00am to 2.00pm (Saturday opening) and on Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd (usual weekday times) for any last minute purchases for Christmas.

After that, the following changes apply to store / warehouse opening times:

* CLOSED from 2.00 pm 24th December (Christmas Eve): NB no courier service available on 24th December.

* CLOSED Christmas Day, Boxing Day & Sunday 27th December 

* RE-OPENS Tuesday 29th December from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm  

OPEN 30th & 31st December, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

* CLOSED New Year’s Day 

* CLOSED Saturday 2nd January


Normal opening times resume: 9.00 am Monday 4th January 2015

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Christmas Vouchers

VouchersThis Christmas, why not treat somebody special to a great opportunity in 2016: there are Training Gift Vouchers available in store.  These could be just what is needed to take somebody off in a new direction, just like Gary’s new venture.


On the other hand, if you know somebody with an interest already in framing, but are not sure exactly what the next bit of kit they need, there is a wide range of Gift Vouchers available, redeemable against products in our store (on-line, by phone or over the counter)

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Christmas Offers

Christmas OfferThis December we are running 3 offers in the run-up to Christmas:


... is for anyone unable to attend the Open Day & Seminar @ DIYframing High Wycombe on Saturday December 5th.  We will be sending a £10 voucher to anyone placing an order, online, in excess of £100 (excluding carriage) on Saturday December 5th 2015


... runs from the posting of this newsletter until end of business, December 4th 2015: for every Mitre Trimmer with Measure System (subject to availability) purchased, we will give you 10 m of special offer moulding.


... also runs from the posting of this newsletter until end of business, December 4th 2015. All moulding and mount board orders placed online, over £100 - we will include some short lengths of moulding; about 400mm (x4) in length - enough for 2 frames

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Comic Framer

Whenever we run training sessions we look forward to hearing where it has taken you.  Usually, however, we have a few months to wait before we hear about what you are up to.  So, it was especially rewarding to be contacted by Gary Pyner within just a few weeks of completing his Art & Photography Training weekend in Salisbury.  He is hoping to extend the range and saleability of items in his bourgeoning memorabilia business, by using his new-found mount-cutting and framing skills. His enthusiasm and obvious talent speak for themselves.

One of his ideas that really caught our attention was his way of framing copies of the Beano, with rather special, deep bevel mounts. Gary has kindly taken the time to explain his ventures in framing for business.

Making The Right Choice

Poster SetFollowing on from my Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting and Decoration weekend I have developed a few ideas particularly, using antique prints and memorabilia: an example being antique Punch Magazine illustrations, spanning from mid Victorian to mid 20th century.

I have found this route to be quite saturated (there are lots of Punch Compendiums available and the idea of framing these illustrations is not new).  To combat this I have tried to frame sets of prints and jokes, which are still relevant today: for example builders being expensive, trains being late etc (things do not change that much). I have also used classic bird and flower prints, which are starting to get some interest.

Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting days have given me a great starting point with these projects, in particular the choices of moulding colours and what works with a sepia coloured print: as recommended, an off white/cream mount seems to work better with this type of picture.  As I gain more experience I will experiment with other colours and have taken delivery of a mixed box of mount colours for this purpose.

Beano FramedComic Extra

Most successful of the schemes so far are the Beano/Dandy Comic frames.

During the Mount Cutting and Decoration day I found the use of foam core board really interesting.  The depth this technique provides to simple pictures can be dramatic. I chose to use this technique in the following way.  Instead of covering the foam core with a solid colour tape, I pasted, using a watered down PVA glue, some strips of comic. Although this took some time to dry, requiring some forward planning, it worked well: apart from bending the foam board slightly (easily straightened out when attaching to the mount).  This provided the depth and a real sense of fun to the frame. I then selected a deeper (20mm rebate) moulding adding depth to the frame and providing more than enough rebate to accommodate the thicker mount.

Beano Deep BevelI have used a double mount on a commission from a local artist, who needed to frame a print of one of his works, and lastly a multi-aperture mount with the Koi Carp drawings (again following advice given during the training).  All this and more was covered on the mount cutting day, which was a real inspiration for these projects.

New Ideas

Lastly I have some Victorian Legal Indenture documents, which are large and very striking.  I am planning to frame these without a mount, using spacers hidden by the moulding, attaching the document to a back board with conservation tape, giving a feeling (I hope) that the document is floating within the frame.  Again a plain black moulding with a good depth…….. lets see if that works!

Gary Pyner FrameMoving on from this I have started to gain some additional commission work and have two requests for mounting sports shirts (one is an Irish ladies rugby Grand Slam winning team shirt, very nervous about that one). With the use of the Handy Hints Sheets I have been able to build on the knowledge gained during the initial weekend, which is brilliant, but I prefer the “hands on” feel of the classes. 

My next step will be to attend further courses next year, Stretching and Framing Canvas and Conservation Framing being my main choices, moving onto the Business Development Week (hopefully I will get to the point where this is needed).

And all of this has happened following a training weekend at the beginning of September.  It just goes to show how something can spark an idea that you can really run with and call your own. 

Currently, you can catch up with Gary via facebook: Gary Pyner Frames

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Sports Shirt Framing Revisited

Framing Sports Shirts 2008

The first time we ran our Framing Sports Shirts workshop was on 17th April 2008: that's over 6 years ago.  It was a great success, even with 9 people all working at the same time.  It has never been easy to find detail about how to plan and execute this type of project.  The principles we base our process on is to combine lessons taught in conservation framing, fabric framing and some elements of 3D framing.  We ensure that the shirt is handled carefully, that proper spacing is made away from the glass, the shirt is properly supported and all attachments are discreet and fully reversible.  


Catch Up

Whilst we may have refined the techniques slightly, the core skills would still be recognisable to those who worked in our first session.  For a real flavour of the workshop, read the follow-up article from 2008.

Our next Sports Shirt Framing training day is at our High Wycombe HQ on Monday 14th September; book now as places are limited.

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Take A Look At Our Framing Kits

If you have just trained with us, or are looking at staring up in framing, we can supply a whole range of framing kits. The aim is to provide a quick route to getting your workspace set up whilst taking account of your budget, background and where you want to go with your projects. We have also been keen not to put in any unnecessary elements that you either have to ferret out or buy but never use. Part of the process has been the twelve years of training people at all levels of framing: it does give us a true picture of what people need.


And with the next suite of Business Development Training Days approaching in November, now is a good time to see the whole range of kits offered.


Everything You Need - Just 3 Steps

Our full range consists of: six framing equipment kits; 2 options for Fixings and Hardware packs; and 2 options of framing “toolboxes” comprising of the more general workshop items we use with all framing. From these choices it should be possible to find something that will either give you everything you need all in one go or the chance to home in on just the main framing kit. Another feature is that for anyone training with us, we have linked kits with the training you may have undertaken.

For links to the kits, read the full article.

Home Workshop KitThe six framing kits are:


The Fixing & Hardware packs are available as:

The workshop tools packs are available as:



BIG BONUS: all kit purchases benefit from amazing amounts of DIYframing vouchers to help with future purchases of materials etc. (up to £300.00 in total)



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ArtIn Action, 2015

Art In Action 2015Photographers have the Photography Show (NEC) to provide a real insight into the world of professional / amateur photography and imaging.  Artists are catered for by a couple of very significant shows: Patchings Festival of Art, Craft & Design was a great success in June; now it’s the turn of Art In Action at Waterperry House in the gardens of Waterperry House Oxford.


“Every July up to 400 artists, craftsmen, performers and musicians gather together in Waterperry Gardens to demonstrate their skills and show their work.” To discover more from the organisers’ website visit: Art In Action


DIYframing will have a stand at the exhibition. Here you can discover all the latest tools and materials available for all those, who wish to create their own mounts, make their own frames and present their art exactly how they wish it to be viewed. Or just buy a roll of tape!


Essential details:

Opens: Thursday – Sunday, 16-19 July, 10am – 5.30pm each day. Gates open from 9am, refreshments available.

Venue: Waterperry House, Waterperry, Wheatley, OX33 1JZ (transport details etc :  Visit Art In Action)


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Make A Confident Start

Hobby Starter KitFor any of you trying to pick your way through what kit you might need to start doing your own framing, here’s some guidance to help.   The most popular of the packages we suggest is the Hobby Starter Kit.  Essentially this is the range of kit we use on the training weekends around the country, and has proven to be a real winner with people wanting to make a positive start in doing their own framing.

In all mounted framing there is a series of key activities that need to be covered by your kit: preparing and cutting mounts; cutting mitred, moulding lengths; joining the moulding; assembling everything in the frame.  And at each of those stages there will be both specialised and general equipment.  Understanding that many people will already have some of the general “diy tools”, the framing kits bring together the more specialised elements, of a similar level of use and cost to make a coherent kit.


In the Hobby Starter Kit we have:

MOUNT CUTTING: The Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter  - a versatile, portable 810 mm  (32) capacity mat cutter that provides affordable and professional results. This cutter allows you to cut board to size (straight edge cutter), mark up the position of the “window” and then cut it out to reveal crisp, bevelled edges (bevel edge cutter).


CUTTING MITRES: The Nobex Promaster Framing Kit – as described earlier in the newsletter. For a downloadable spec sheet (PDF) click: Nobex Promaster Framing Kit.


JOINING: The Logan 300-1 Studio Joiner – it features a clamp for holding the moulding in position as the v-nail is inserted. A magnetic tip, driving mechanism holds single v-nails ready to be inserted into the moulding joints and can be used on hard or soft wood mouldings. For a downloadable spec sheet (PDF) click: Studio Joiner.


ASSEMBLY: The Toyo Glass Cutter (& Logan Adapt-a-Rule) provide the capacity to cut glass to the size needed. The Charnwood Tab Gun & Tabs hold all items in the frame ready for taping, adding cord and hanging.

To see additional items included in the Hobby Starter Kit range see: Hobby Starter Kit and Hobby Starter Plus Kit

For more options for framing kits from starter through to professional view (PDF): DIYframing Kits

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Add Your Own Finishes

Not all finish effects have to be massively flamboyant. Some ideas can be simple and similar to some of the ready finished mouldings.Creating your own effects is most useful when you want a bit more depth and texture to a finish.

Coming up in the autumn is the next of our Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames courses (click title for details). These sessions take you through a whole range of guiding, fundamental principles when undertaking this type of project. They also illustrate how you can use a whole range of colouring agents and finishing products, in combination, to produce stunning, individual finishes. By joining one of these days, you get to try the products out before you choose ones that you might buy to match your particular, favourite styles.


The Right Product

A few months ago we had a careful look at our whole range of finishing products and then updated our Finishing Kits accordingly: the two packages have been fine tuned to reflect the ideas explored on the training days.  But they also offer money saving opportunities to anyone wanting to add that extra something to their framing.

Frame Finishes HH SheetFor more information about what the range does, as well as looking at how to ensure the finished frame is blemish free, have a look at these two HH titles:

40 Products For Fine Tuning & Touching Up Frames

41 Frame Finishing Products & Their Uses

Just to show that we know how to treat our customers, here are a couple of free ideas in black and white. Products mentioned can be found in our Frame Finishes section.



Black & White

Create a black finishBLACK FRAMES are very popular and there are many very good commercially available finishes. If you like the look of real wood and want to show the depth and texture of the grain try this. Make the frame, fill, sand and brush with bronze brush. Brush onto the frame, either Liberon, ebony palette dye or a water based acrylic, blackboard paint to provide a black base. After a few minutes, wipe away excess colour with a rag. Leave the colour base to dry. If you like a distressed look, use steel wool (0000 grade) to rub away colour on edges and some areas of the grain. Apply a coat of Liberon, Dark Oak, Black Bison wax. Leave for 10 minutes before buffing up to a real shine with a soft cloth.


Create a white finishFOR A WHITE FINISH, which doesn’t make the moulding look like plastic, this is effective and provides a more intense white than liming wax on its own. It is also a finish that works well on ash and oak mouldings, as well as the usual obeche. Again make the frame, fill, sand and brush with bronze brush. Apply a brilliant white emulsion paint, or a white Liberon colour dye, to the frame using a cloth. Work it into the grain until there is an even coverage, without masking the grain completely. Leave this to dry (see drying times on the colouring agent container). Now apply Liberon liming wax to the white frame, again working in well before buffing it to a sheen.


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The Photography Show 2015

Photo Show The Photography Show is the brand new exhibition dedicated to the world of photography.

Taking place from 21st - 24th March 2015, this is the perfect forum for professional photographers, enthusiasts, amateurs, mobileographers, retailers and anyone who operates within the photography industry.The Photography Show provides an unrivalled platform to get hands-on with the latest gear from over 200 exhibiting brands, including industry giants Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Epson and Sigma.

Photo Show 2015

When you’re not exploring what's new from our exhibitors, we've also planned some great activities to ensure you get the most from your day out. You will uncover the secrets behind the careers of your photography heroes on the Super Stage. Bring your camera and perfect your technique while taking shots of some unique subjects on the Live Stage. Enjoy some head-turning fashion, portrait and wedding displays on the Catwalk and much more.

Opening Times 
Saturday 21st March – 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 22nd March – 10:00 – 18:00
Monday 23rd March – 10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 24th March – 10:00 – 17:00

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Join DIYframing @ The Photography Show 2015

Ticket Offer for  DIYframing Customers

Book your tickets in advance.  We are pleased to say we have secured a discount for members of DIYframing. Enter code DIYTPS15 in the designated discount code box and your ticket (full adult) will be £10.95 instead of the usual £13.95 (in advance) or £15 on the door.  Code valid from 4th December 2014 until 18th March 2015

Photo Show 2015

DIYframing will have a stand (J101) featuring:

  • Visit Usour range of mount cutters, 
  • workshop framing equipment;
  • NEW Framing Kit options: a range of packages with everything included ready for you to start framing;
  • hardware, tapes & framing / presentation sundries;
  • STAS gallery hanging systems
There will be expert staff on hand to demonstrate mount cutting systems and provide information about our full programme of picture framing workshops: places can be booked at the show. 



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Arqadia Supports Workshops

UK School of Framing

In conjunction with the exhibition organisers and with the generous support of Arqadia, we are running a suite of 3, practical workshops about mounting and framing your images.  We will help you discover how you can enhance the presentation of your work and even lead you towards developing a framing business. 


Each workshop lasts just over 1 hour and runs each day according to a timetable over the 4 exhibition days (see below).  All bookings must be made by visiting: 

DIY MOUNTING WORKSHOPS on The Photography Show Website



Cut Your Own MountCut Your Own, Quality Mounts

Learn the best practices for creating your own mounts and adjusting your prints for display.

  • Make a single mount using a mount cutting system
  • Illustrates best quality method for attaching and adjusting your prints for display in a hinge mount system
  • Explore the effect, on presentation, of a variety of border weightings

What to bring:  A4 borderless print (Image size 297 mm x 210 mm)


Double MountDouble Mount, Double Impact

Discover how to make a double mount and see how it enhances your work.

  • How a double mount can enhance your shots
  • Discover how to plan and make a double mount using professional skills used in layered mounts
  • Explore mount board colour and choice and view examples of layered mounts

What to bring: A4 borderless print (Image size 297 mm x 210 mm)


Deep Bevel MountAdding Depth Behind the Glass: Deep Bevel Mounts

Learn how to create depth behind glass by creating your own deep bevel mount.

  • How to create depth behind the glass by creating a deep bevel mount
  • Explore how to use foam-core strips to create spaced mounts
  • See examples of other methods (eg slip moulding) for creating depth in the mount

What to bring: A5 borderless print (Image size 210 mm x 148 mm)



Saturday 21st March Sunday 22nd March Monday 23rd March Tuesday 24th March

Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

10.30 - 11.30

Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

10.30 - 11.30

Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

10.30 - 11.30

Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

10.30 - 11.30

Double Mount, Double Impact

12.00 - 13.00

Double Mount, Double Impact

12.00 - 13.00

Double Mount, Double Impact

12.00 - 13.00

Double Mount, Double Impact

12.00 - 13.00


Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

14.00 - 15.00

Cut Your Own Quality Mounts

14.00 - 15.00


Deep Bevel Mounts

15.30 - 16.30

Deep Bevel Mounts

15.30 - 16.30


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Board Choices - Move Past Colour

Press Release for The Photography Show 2015

More to MountsMore to Mounts than Meets the Eye 

There’s more to choosing mountboard than colour alone.  Light shades with a textured surface provide a subtle contrast to smooth prints. A black edge to the mount provides clear definition.  For real intensity on high contrast shots, try black, black core. There’s even a suedette finish!

Presenting images in a mount and frame is all about providing a setting that enhances the image: it should have space to breathe.  But you can control how you want to show your work.  Making good choices of mountboard and how it is cut can really bring out the best in any image – it’s what sets you apart from the rest.

In double / layered mounts strong colour is often used, close in to the artwork: you can be very bold with your colour choice as long as it is a fine band.  Even with black & white images red, lime green, oranges etc can be used to great effect, most effective where the border is around 3 mm wide.


Full Range of Arqadia Mountboard

We frequently turn to white mount boards as the “colour” of choice for staging photography.  However, even then there is a massive choice.  DIYframing stocks the full range of Arqadia mountboards, offering in the order of 20+ shades from Bright White to Chaste White (cream).  Where each one differs is in terms of brightness of shade and degree of surface texture. Some mountboards have a definite texture: eg, Alabaster looks like gesso-primed canvas. The contrast between the silky finish of the print paper compared to surface of the mount is what really catches the eye.

Then there is the depth of the mount board.  Keeping to the simplicity of a single mount provides a clean-cut, design-led feel to the finished piece. This can be further enhanced, using a board thicker than the standard 1.4 mm (1400 micron) mountboard.  Look for options of 2 mm (2000 microns) and 3.5 mm (3500 microns).  Even here there is the choice of textured or smooth finishes.

Black core boards offer you another layer of choice.  Here, when the aperture is cut, rather than revealing a white edge, there is a black bevel.  It provides a fine, defining edge to images and an intensity close in to the shot.  Again, the range offers a number of “whites” featuring a black core, but there are also some great feature shades including a red, a couple of blues and even a metallic gold. 

For a really intense contrast use a black, black core board: it’s the way the light is picked up (or absorbed) on the varying edges and surfaces that work so dramatically.  Once you have learned how to cut mounts in different ways you can bring a totally unique look to your displayed images.

To make a start on good quality mount cutting join us on our workshops at the Photography Show 2015: DIY Mounting Workshops


For more about the range of Arqadia mountboards available, download PDF Arqadia Mountboard Range

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Take Control Of Presentation

Take Control of PresentationPress release for The Photography Show 2015


Thinking of undertaking your own framing but not sure whether it’s the right choice?  Here are four areas to consider.


COST: there are real savings to be made in doing your own framing even after factoring in the kit prices.  Framers need to charge around 3 times (or more) the cost of materials per piece.  There are business overheads to cover before even making a living from framing. Generate enough work and framing becomes cost effective.  Now you have the kit, you could even earn money by framing for other people.

APPEARANCE: you choose the look of your framed print, giving you complete artistic control from image capture to presentation.  This becomes a trademark style associated with your work.

TIME: although taking up your time, you are in control.  You can meet deadlines to suit and make last minute changes to projects.  You choose when to be busy and when to ease off.

CARE: reduce potential handling issues involved with transporting work to a third party and be in control of the care of images, product quality and techniques used all the way through the process.


Supporting Our Customers

Then there’s the guiding hand to support you all the way at DIYframing.  We offer a wide range of advice on what is involved in setting up a framing workshop, whether you want to work from a spare room or professional gallery. 

From our warehouse / store in High Wycombe we can supply all the tools, materials and accessories to make it all happen.  And then our continued support is second to none.  Our on-line resource library is full of free to download information sheets helping you to understand techniques, solve framing conundrums and guide you through the choices and uses of materials.


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Training With UK School Of Framing

Press Release for The Photography Show 2015

Training with UK School of FramingThe launch of the UK School of Framing under the DIYframing banner marked a turning point. The whole idea of teaching people how to do their own picture framing is a direct response to customer need:  “We’ve got the tools - now what do we do with them?”  The intention is to make quality picture framing a hallmark of our courses, no matter how simple the kit being used.


However, that initial concept of showing people how to frame their own artwork has grown out of all proportion - way beyond just learning how to use the tools. Our training can take people from complete novice to preparation for (Fine Art Trade Guild) Guild Commended Framer assessment. 


What does the UK School of Framing offer? 

  • An easy to find base for learning about picture framing;
  • A suite of 11 training modules building the depth, skills and knowledge of picture framing;
  • The flexibility to build a programme of training to suit individuals;
  • The opportunity to work through modules at the desired pace;
  • Support of professional art and framing groups;
  • News, articles and information & ideas sheets;
  • One-off specialist courses;
  • A range of learning  / support materials (much of it free to members).


These opportunities are available at venues all around the UK via a variety of programmes.

Art & Photography Framing, training weekends operate at least twice per month: these provide the foundation skills giving you all you need, to undertake most 2D framing projects.


More specific framing projects (3D Box Framing; Conservation Framing; Framing Fabrics) are explored through a programme of individual workshops or as components of a Business Development week.


For those really wanting to extend their framing repertoire, there are also further modules: Framing Sports Shirts, Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames and Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art.


To see when and where this all happens visit our UK School of Framing front page.  You will also be able to find out about what each element of training involves and how they can combine to develop your own programme to suit your needs, timescale and budget. Alternatively download a simple PDF featuring all of our training in 2015.


It was the UK School of Framing approach to training that won the 2010 Fine Art Trade Guild Award for Innovation.  That, plus 12 years’ experience and well over 1,000 delighted “students”, make this an obvious way to learn how to do your own framing.

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