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What a busy couple of months! After several exhibitions dotting the i's and crossing the t's on our new web site (not a typing error - that is what it has felt like) and travelling back up to Scotland, some things we are only just catching up with. Hopefully, however, the monthly Newsletter is back in full swing, using the full potential of our new web-based system. In the May issue we have updates on vacancies on the latest batch of training days, the long awaited PART 2 of the George Park story, a whole range of new product releases and our very first open day at Beaconsfield.
Welcome to DIYframings february update of whats going on in the world of picture framing. With the launch of our New website only days away things have been very busy in the office but we have still had a very eventful month.
This newsletter contains articles first published on the previous website. Titles include: Double Date In Glasgow: Grow Your Own Framing Business: Over In A Flash: Handy Hints