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The STAS Cliprail Multirail is a sturdy system designed with the same simplicity of assembly plus additional features to enable flexible lighting of your pictures. Two factors are combined: the hanging and lighting of pictures.

Assembly is simple: you fix the brass buttons on the wall and place the rail over the mounting buttons and click it firmly into place. With a simple s traight connector or corner connector you can reach up to 2 x 8=16 meters.


STAS Multirail is available in packs:

2 x 2m sections available - white or aluminium

Please Note

When completing a Multirail hanging system you should also consider the following items (Click to view):

WALL FIXING: Mounting Clip Kit ; 

CONNECTING / CAPPING: Brass JoinerMultirail Straight Conductor; Multirail Corner ConductorMultirail Corner  Cap; Mulitrail Corner Joiner; Multirail End Cap;

HANGERS: Perlon Suspender

HOOKS: Smart Springs; Zipper Hangers; Security Hooks

POWER: Multirail Transformer

LIGHTING - lamps:  LED spot 3.5W 27°; LED spot 3.5W 95°; POWERLED 4W matt; HALOGEN 20W Kandolite clear;  HALOGEN 20W Kandolite matt 

LIGHTING - armatures: Multirail Lighting Armature; Multirail Signo fixture (70 cm); Mulitirail Sirius fixture (45 cm, 50 cm, 65 cm)


To view STAS brochure of all Multirail options click: STAS Multirail Accessories

For further guidance on STAS Hanging Systems, please view our FREE to download Handy Hints Sheets:

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