Inmes IM-2 Underpinner

Inmes IM-2 Underpinner image

Uses Normal or Hardwood wedges in Inmes plastic cartridges, making it very easy to change the height of wedges being used.

  • Takes mouldings up to 120mm wide and 80mm tall.
  • Reliable and sturdy foot operated insertion mechanism
  • Height of foot pedal can be adjusted, and pedal can be switched to work from the front or from the back.
  • Uses quickly changed Inmes Type C wedges in cartridges. Normal or hardwood.
  • Solid driver hammer
  • Two position moulding guide
  • Adjustable top pressure pad
  • Height 370mm x 320mm, 900mm to table. 17kg
  • Steel wings to support moulding.

We suggest that for larger frames, you position it to the edge of your workbench and make up a false table-top the exact height of the table of the IM-2.

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