Inmes IM-3 Underpinner

Inmes IM-3 Underpinner image

Inmes IM-3 underpinner features a cast and precision machined top table, with a carefully designed wedge insertion mechanism. This uses a solid steel insertion hammer for long life. Inmes Type UNI wedges are placed into interchangeable loaders, from 5mm to 15mm. The sturdy steel stand has the top table at 900mm, so you can work with the IM-3 pushed up to your workbench.

Inmes IM-3 underpinner is foot-operated leaving both hands free to hold the work.

Key Features

  • Take mouldings up to 120mm wide and 80mm tall.
  • Two position moulding insertion guide.
  • Solid steel driver hammer, easily replaced.
  • Adjustable top pressure clamp.
  • Extra bungs available.
  • Uses Inmes Type UNI wedges, in Normal or Hardwood. Interchangeable loaders for all sizes included.
  • Cast table is 370mm x 380mm app. Surface is 900mm from floor.
  • Supplied with moulding support arms
  • Chain drive, won't stretch or break
  • Foot pedal height can be adjusted
  • Pedal can be switched from front to back, so you can choose which way you work

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