Foam Core Board - Black

Foam Core Board - Black image

This is a 5 mm foam board. It is very light, very stiff and very flat.  It has a black rigid polystyrene foam centre, with smooth black paper laminated onto both faces which is PH neutral.

It is easy to cut with a knife, a mount cutter or on a wall cutter.  It is a highly versatile product,  used for a whole range of projects:

  • Spacing in shadow mounts - the black foam edge gives a darker, more designed look;
  • Shadow box frames; part cutting, creasing, folding, taping and gluing foam core board allows you to make up trays for framing 3D object;
  • Backing board: it will not warp, and it makes the picture lighter, which some people prefer;
  • Dry mounting: you will not get the orange peel effect common to most pulp based boards. cut the mount larger than required then trim. 
  • Fabric framing: useful support across which you can lace, tape or pin your work.  You can also use to create a "through fit" support.

Be aware the dark surface may show through some print papers and fabrics.


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