Logan Pro Joiner

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A table top joining system allowing speedier and consistently accurate joins  for frames.  It combines portable convenience with  joining in the style of much larger, professional underpinners.


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It combines the sturdy build and quality design of the Studio Joiner with some remarkable and unique features of its own. These include: patented v-nail alignment pins; an adjustable nail spacing guide & settings; a sliding v-nail loading mechanism; a quick-adjust corner clamp; fully adjustable power-driven arm; quick load v-nail holding system; an adjustable foot depth setting allowing you accommodate various heights of moulding; moulding support arms fixed to the clamp plate, helping with longer lengths of moulding. The Pro-Joiner differs from most bench top joiners, because it works as a true underpinner.

Moulding is clamped into a plate which supports the moulding as it is pushed down onto the v-nails. These are held in an adjustable cartridge, which can accommodate 2 v-nails at a time. By keeping the cartridge settings fixed, it is possible to push second v-nails in to the same places (stacking), allowing you to fix deeper mouldings securely. With this cartridge system it also speeds up the process considerably, whilst the various adjustable gauges allow you to fine-tune placement of the v-nails across the breadth of the join.

This system works with both hard and soft woods, mouldings up to 5.6 cm (2.5") wide and can drive in all v-nail sizes.

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