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The new Pushmaster Frame Joiner allows you join frames and then it doubles up as a fitting tool.  Ideal for the occasional framing job, the Pushmaster will insert all sizes of v-nails into most types of timber. 

The Pushmaster can be used on any size moulding width.  You can insert v-nails in hard timbers by tapping the end of the tool with a small hammer or mallet,  or by using it as part of the Benchmaster system.   Once the frame is joined, the magnetic plunger will hold metal flexipoints, or backing nails, in a specially cut groove, enabling you to push them easily in to the back of the frame, holding backing board in position.  A final feature is that you can insert the head of a "screw eye" into the slot on the top of the Pushmaster.  This makes it much easier then to push down and screw in these eyes ready for attaching a hanging cord. 

The Pushmaster Kit comes complete with 2 sizes of v-nails, a sample of backing nails, flexipoints and an instruction sheet.

Kit complete with 2 sizes of wedges, backing nails, flexipoints and instruction sheet - enough for app. 50 frames.

Suitable for softer wood mouldings only.


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