Logan 655-1 Framers Edge Elite Mount Cutter

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The heavy-duty construction, rich features, and an attractive look make the Framer's Edge Range the preferred system for framers and serious artists. It will manage high production mount cutting as well as smaller projects.

To see demonstration video, click Logan Framers Edge Elite

The Logan Framers Edge 655-1 Elite allows you to make cuts up to 122 cm (48") long. A non-stick coated cutting bar provides smooth cutting and needs no lubrication. The parallel mount guide slides smoothly in aluminum channels, enabling quick, accurate border measurements up to 13.33cm (5.25").  A fully scaled 68.58cm  (27") squaring arm holds mounts perfectly square.The base is made from 2 cm (0.75") composite board, surfaced with a durable, easy to clean laminate. 

The system includes:

  • production stops, 10 extra blades, 
  • dual straight & bevel cutting heads (mounted on their own guide rails),
  • a fully illustrated mount cutting manual and instructional video.  

In recent months the whole system has be redesigned and improved making this at the very "cutting edge" of the serious framer's kit.  As a result, the Framer's Edge Elite is loaded with new features.  There is a newly designed, support-arm mounting block.  This secures the support arms to the laminate board surface more sturdily, making for a stronger hinge with less flex, extending the life of the tool.  Another innovation is a flush-cut, non-scaled squaring arm for smaller jobs, where you don't require the full 27" squaring arm. The mount guide has also been improved by using large, quick release knobs.  The Framer's Edge bevel cutting head now features an easy to use thumb knob.  This makes it  far more comfortable when using the cutter for long periods of time. A micro-adjustment over cut screw has been added to the rear of the cutting head for fine tuning cuts.  To assist in 8-ply mount board jobs, a pack of special 8-ply cutting blades has been added free of charge. 

Special features of the Straight Cutting Head are:

  • an automatic lock down pin to hold the blade in the cutting position;

  • a comfortable, ergonomic handle easing prolonged use; 3 position depth adjustment.

The Bevel Cutting Head features:

  • a "start and stop" indicator;  a 20.32 cm (8") movable production stop which allows you to cut all sides without readjusting stops or marking the mount;

  • a comfortable, ergonomic handle easing prolonged use.  Replacement blade #269. Also accepts blade #268 for 8 ply mat board cutting

Download: Owners Manual

View the full range of Logan cutting systems: Which Mount Cutter Do I need? (PDF)

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