Logan 201 Oval and Circle Cutter

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Whether you are cutting circles or ovals into mounts, this three step cutter has yet to be surpassed for ease of use. The unique, patented 3 step mechanism provides three preset blade positions that prevent cutting deeper than necessary. In turn this makes cutting easier and curves smoother.

To view a demonstration video click: Logan Oval & Circle Cutter

It allows you to cut circles 11.4 cm - 15.8 cm (4.5" x 4.75") and ovals from 8.2 cm x12 cm (3.25" x4.75") to 50.8 cm X 58.4cm (20"x23") . The proportions of the oval are easily adjusted and the quick change feature allows you to move easily from cutting ovals to circles. An excellent instruction manual shows you how to cut circles, ovals and other window shapes. The pack includes 5 Blades (Logan324)

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