Non Ref Plastic Glass (Pack Discount) Two Sizes

Non Ref Plastic Glass (Pack Discount) Two Sizes image

This Non Reflective Plastic Glass is ideal for glazing pictures.  It is light weight,  less breakable than glass but can be cut with a craft knife or Fletcher Score mate. After trimming to size,  remove the protective plastic cover before framing.

Non Reflective Glass should not be used when framing 3D objects or multiple layered mounts.  This is because the surface is treated in order to make it Non Reflective and will appear slightly fuzzy from certain angles, making it hard to view the piece properly. 

Sheet sizes:

  • 915 mm x 610 mm
  • 815 mm x 1120 mm

Thickness 1.2 mm

Price £29.86 (£35.83 inc. VAT)

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