D Rings (Brass / Nickel Plated)

D Rings (Brass / Nickel Plated) image

This simple, neat and strong picture hanger can either be fixed to the backing with rivets or screwed to the frame.

When fixing them to the moulding use pan head zinc screws 4 x 3/8".  Available as either brass or nickel plated.  Different sizes are used depending on moulding size or weight of the framed piece.  Choose from small or standard single hole D-rings, or larger, 2 hole D-rings.  Make your selection using drop down menu by the price. Packs of 50 or 500 piecesN.B

SMALL 1-Hole D-Ring Use 10mm Screws / 3/8" x '4', (4 = 2.9mm diameter)  for Small D Rings

Smaller than our normal D-Rings. - USE our 10mm SCREWS

Use with bifurcated or two-part rivets on backing board; use head 3585 on 'WUN-PUL'. Use pan head screws in frame. 21mm o/a

STANDARD 1-Hole D-Ring Use 13mm Screws / 3/8" x '4'', (4 = 2.9mm diameter)  for Standard D Rings.

- USE our 13mm SCREWS

Either fix them to the backing board - do this with a bifurcated rivet 'B' (slow) or a two-piece rivet (faster). Or fix them to the back of the frame moulding, using a pan head screw, 6 x 3/8", or similar.

Fix to hardboard backs using self-piercing rivet with 'WUN-PUL'.

DOUBLE 2-Hole D-Ring Use 13mm Screws / 3/8" x '4'', (4 = 2.9mm diameter) 

- USE our 13mm SCREWS

A strong steel hanger.

Fix with two pan head screws into the frame moulding, or with bifurcated rivets 'B' to the backing board.

Weight Limits not given by manufacturer - for heavy duty use Strap Hangers click here

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