Frame Assembly Kit 2

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The is the ultimate in home framing assembly kits. It is intended for those of you who will be framing artwork on a regular basis, for yourself and possibly other people, and who recognises the sense of investing in quality tools early on to ensure a well crafted finish to your frames long into the future.


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The Frame Assembly Kit 2 gives you:

  • Logan Pro- Joiner and clamp:
  • Tab Gun & Flexitabs
  • Special Offer Fixings Pack (Worth over £49.00)

This robust kit is capable of clamping almost any frame up to any size and joining moulding of even the hardest of hardwoods. To get started you can purchase from our chop service, mouldings, which will be mitred to your exact requirements. Then glue the mitres, clamp the moulding in the Logan Pro-joiner and insert the 'v' nails two at a time. To complete the frame, simply cut your glass and backing and then fix into position with the Tab Gun. Our special fixing supplies pack has all the hardware you need to finish the frame - enough to make up to 50 average sized frames.

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