Ruling Pen

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Very good quality ruling or ‘mapping’ pens are essential when drawing decorative lines on mounts.

We have been supplying similar pens for many years, and users have agreed with us that they do the job very well. The essential feature is the fine hand polished tips of the nib parts.

• Nib made from engineering quality tool steel, hand polished and hard plated for durability.

• Calibrated scale on adjuster screw knob, which allows you to reset the nib to any previously preferred line width. Lines 0.25mm up to 1.2mm wide.

• Narrow Nib non Swivel blade

• It is vital that you keep the blades clean and grease-free.

• Packed in rigid plastic storage box.

Ideal for use with most ruling inks.

Using a Ruling Pen

Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF, the Designer at Wizard, is famous for his mount decoration skills. He offers some tips on using pens:

- Don’t dawdle - work quickly and continuously.
- Don’t overfill the pen.
- Draw the line smoothly and slowly.

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