STAS Multirail Adapter

STAS Multirail Adapter image

A range of varying power-rated adapters used to provide power to the multi-rail system.  For guidance on how to create an effective lighting system download the STAS brochure.

A lead from the transformer clips in to the Multirail system. The transformer is plugged in to the mains.


18w = 4 LED 3.5W or 4 LED 4W

60w = 15 LED 3.5W or 12 LED 4W or 3 Halogen

96w = 25 LED 3.5W or 20 LED 4W or 4 Halogen


Max number of meters of rail per adapter = 16 for LED 3.5W & 16 for LED 4W & 8 for Halogen.

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