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If picture framing needs to be a serious income generator this kit provides you with everything needed to do just that.  All elements of this package have been selected to ensure that you can open for business as soon as you unpack the kit.  All framing tools offer professional, commercial working solutions with the big three (mountcutter, moulding mitre chopper and underpinner) all ensuring you can guarantee your customers top quality finish on their their orders.

This kit features moulding and mountboard samples along with a Pricing Ready Reckoner to offer your customers an informed choice for their framing. In addition, you receive plenty of moulding and mountboard to ensure you can get started on your first orders.

All in all, with this package you can instantly establish a full picture-framing workshop, whilst keeping your start up costs relatively low.

Kit components are:


Combine this kit with a Business Fixings & Hardware Pack and Pro Toolbox:  you will have everything you need in just 3 Clicks.

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£200.00 (5 x £40 vouchers)  – for use on 5 separate orders for the 5 months after purchase of a kit. (terms and conditions apply)




Price £2,848.25 (£3,417.90 inc. VAT)

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