Electric Framing Mitre Saw

Electric Framing Mitre Saw, Pilm T55 300 image

The Pilm T55 300 is a professional, electric mitre saw designed for use in professional picture framing.  It offers an exceptional quality cut, giving a quick and accurate solution to producing mitred lengths of moulding, with no additional trim required, ready for joining.   It will enable any workshop to speed up workflow with complete confidence in the end product. 

It features a swivelling, accurate mitre saw with rotating support and self-centring clamping for 90°, 45°, 30°, 22°, 30°,15° and 10° cuts. It is equipped with quick right / left rotation between the two cut positions, a Widia blade with 96 teeth and a motor offering high speed blade rotation (3000 rpm)

The option we have sourced also includes:

  • left and right extensions with measuring system up to 150 cm
  • Plexi precision tilting stop                                                                
  • Manual single clamp to hold the moulding


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