Nobex Proman Mitre Saw

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The NOBEX® Mitre saws are engineered to produce a top quality cut every time. All saws feature pre-set stops for cutting 4, 5, 6, 8 or 12 sided frames as well as 90° cuts.

There are many mitre saws available on the market today and, whilst most of them are quite suitable for the home handyman, very few provide the accuracy required for Picture Framing. The Swedish designed NOBEX® Mitre Saws are the exception and in our opinion, these are the best saws on the market for the price. The saws also feature a clamp to hold the work firmly in place and a parking feature to allow accurate alignment of the work without the need to remove the saw from the frame. Bases are made from quality aluminium and each unit is supplied with an adjustable length stop for accurate cutting of materials. Transport and storage is made simple by parallel parking the blade.

Spares & accessories available for the Proman saw include: spare blades 18,24,32 teeth per inch (TPI); extra support clamps; Ezy measure system.


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