Strap Clamp

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A strap clamp is used to grip all four pieces of moulding, holding them in position as a frame,  ready for making joins permanent, by inserting v-nails. 

This is a precision engineered, high quality, steel strap clamp.  It has been designed for those undertaking framing on a smaller scale, but who also value a high quality finish for their framing.  It features a 0.5cm  wide steel strap, a side grip for holding the strap in place while the handle is wound, anti-clockwise, to create the tension needed to hold the frame in place.  The corner braces are flexible and adjust to the corners' angles as the strap is tightened. This steel strap and powerful locking system allows you to clamp securely, small and large frames alike. 

Caters for frame sizes from 67mm  x 67mm to 915mm x 915mm

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